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There is an opinion that the best way to teach pupils is their attending into homeschooling

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Nov 29, 2016   #1
Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child's development while others think that it is important for children to go to school.

Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion.

There is an opinion that the best way to teach their pupils is attending them into homeschooling while others say that public school has its own benefit. I believe that teaching children at home can make a better development of students. This essay will first discuss home-schooling can make better progress since the developments are being monitored by its teacher then present socializing is the biggest benefit of students attending public school.

Every child in the world has its own uniqueness, and we cannot treat a child as same as the others. Having a small number of students, teacher can monitor every single progress and choose the most effective of teaching methods to them. This will lead the pupils to more progress than the ones attending the public school which is popularly believed that many students cannot be comprehensively monitored by the teacher. The research conducted by Mr. Fujinuma Satoru in Kyoto University finds that almost 72 percent of home-schooling students gets higher chance of success when they reach the age of 25. This is the evidence that schooling at home is the best way to develop the children's developments.

However, students need to socialize in order to expand their network. As the micro model of society, public school gives the chance to its students to know each other, to act appropriately when they meet, and to have a tolerance if they meet some differences such as the way of thinking, or religion. Because of a large number of students, teacher cannot see the developments of all children in the classroom. The same research also gives the explanation that 32 percent of students cannot be fully monitored by its teacher. This is the main problem of public school.

All in all, I believe that home-schooling is much better because the teacher can monitor its students comprehensively. Having a large number of friends, the students can easily socialize each other even though the developments cannot be fully seen by the teacher.

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faizunaa17 49 / 91  
Nov 29, 2016   #2
... the best way to teach their pupils is attending ...

1. Ivan, what is word "pupils" refer to ?? I suggest you relieve it, because it still in the first sentence and you don't give any explanation before the sentence.

Well, good writing already, keep trying and practising.

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