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OPINION ESSAY - The Usage of Internet = individual paper

agneslin 1 / -  
Sep 16, 2011   #1
Nowadays, the usage of internet is rapidly spreading. Highly technologies that growing very fast in new generations drive us to must have the knowledge about it.

The major reason why we must have knowledge in technologies, especially in internet is because of its speed. In the old ages people, they sent mail with write the letters in paper, then with the help of pigeons, the message could be sent. They even dont know whether the message sucessfully sent or not. The difference thing with this modern ages people is, they just can write message using computers, laptop, and other elecrtonic devices, and sent it to many people at the same time, with high speed. Even this methood requiring email adress, and high electronic technologies.

Besides, people use internet because of its easiness. We're knew all if theres nothing cant be accessed with internet, we can access on over sites, in many languages and topics. With typed what topic or news you needed in google, you'll get the sites and information within 1 seconds. We can find our classmates that living on another countries, join the forum, play games, and do shopping even we're just sat at home.

However, the usage of internet is so many, every people can use it and get a lot of advantages from it in our generations.

Please help me with this essay and write your comments. Thanks.

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