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In order to avoid confusion of difference behaviour, many companies have developed a guideline

Firda Umairoh 6 / 5 2  
Apr 8, 2015   #1
Many cultures exist in the world, which more attention should be paid when people are going to do business internationally. In some countries, the cultural behaviour of doing business is different. First area of the difference is when people saying 'no'. For example, while Japanese businessperson rarely say no to each other or to business people from other countries, American are more likely say no quickly. As a result, negotiating with Japanese will take a long discussion even though the finally answer is negative, while American think that say straight to the point is more effective.

Secondly, another area of the difference is personal distance, which means how close business people to stand each other when they talk. For Japanese and Latin American, they tend to stand closely to show how friendly they are in business agreement. Otherwise, Americans are more likely make a distance due to avoid a suspicious to others.

Thirdly, the difference area when business people accept business cards. For Japanese, exchanging business cards is important. They could take 10 or 15 minutes to study and discuss each business card carefully to see the qualifications and experiences. However, Americans usually accept the cards quickly. They see it just for a glance and get it into pocket to be seen later.

Fourthly, ethical behaviour of accepting bribery in some countries is also distinctive. In the United States, bribery conducts to illegal business. Either people who offer or accept bribes can be judged as criminal activity and can be jailed. On the other hand, in some countries in Europe, business gifts are more acceptable. In Spain, bribes are regular part of doing business. It is not a big deal even though bribes are illegal. In Germany, bribes are free but it makes the tax revenue of people who receive it should be raised. While in Russia, bribes and personal connection are essential parts in dealing with most business organisation or government.

In order to avoid confusion of difference behaviour, many companies have developed a guideline to handle ethical issues, namely code of ethics. It helps employees to understand what type of behaviour that are and are not acceptable when doing business. In the United States, for example, they have 'whistle-blower' laws to prevent organisation from discriminating against employees who report misconduct ethical behaviour. More over, companies also can train the employees to give them knowledge about business ethics such as shaking hand or exchanging business card. Ultimately, it is also important to introduce an approach, called 'think global, act local', to the employees since the companies can be cooperate many of ideas and procedure of business.

eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Apr 8, 2015   #2
International business activities are where people from different cultural background exchanges goods and services in a timeless world. Here, international people need to understand how one's culture works. Take one example, negotiations between Asian and Western companies are totally different when they do closing down sale. For Japanese business executives, it is rather difficult to them to say "NO" quickly, while Americans are more likely to be faster. As a result, it takes some time to deal with Japanese people in business rather than Americans. It is thus clear that it is a must in fully grasping the significance of what has happened in international business-to-business transaction

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