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IELTS-Overpopulation - What problems can it cause and what are the possible solutions

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Jun 27, 2012   #1
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Overpopulation. What problems does overpopulation cause? Suggest at least one possible solution.

In most nations of the world the population is increasing alarmingly. This is especially in poor and undeveloped countries. It causes an immense amount of troubles. For example, in these countries the unemployment increase very rapidly, and in some poor lands people cannot feed themselves.

An increase in population simply makes situation worse. Indeed, in poor countries it is difficult to live. If the population explosion continuous, many more people will die of starvation in this states. Moreover, there is one thing should be solved is finding accommodations for living. As a consequence of overpopulation, poor countries people living in the streets because of homelessness.

On the other hand, there is one another problem of overpopulation. It is unemployment. Nowadays, the overpopulation and unemployment are increasing in the same rate. Moreover, there is usually a great deal of crime which is often due to high rate of unemployment. As a result of unemployment, people making overcrowding and crime. In fact, nowadays, India's and Chine's population are in the vanguard. There are a lot of unemployment.

In my opinion, every country which is facing overpopulation should penalize families financially who have more than one child. This may be possible solution for like these problems. For instance, Chine's government organized new type of fine for couples who have more than a child.

To sum up, besides, the environment also suffers when there are too many population in the country. So, if the increasing of overpopulation continues in this rate, an immense amount of people will die from starvation and homelessness in poor nations, and even in rich lands living will become increasingly difficult.

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