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Overseas Study Tour is Worthwhile for Young Students

Charlotte TTTT 1 / -  
May 3, 2018   #1

pre-school children and elementary school students abroad

Although many people think that study tour programs for pre-school children and elementary school students, whose price is several times higher than traveling are more inclined to travel than to study, I agree that overseas study tours are worthwhile.

During overseas study tours, the way that children study differs from the learning model in China. Hence, many parents do not think their children are "studying" while they're actually doing . We can easily find that children are taught to learn in play, in which it can help relieve their stress and irritable mood.

For example, when they come to a museum, the teachers will assign tasks to them instead of introducing everything for them. And then, children have got to explore on their own and fully communicate with museum's docents. In this model of study, they can be motivated to think rather than become bolder and follow teacher's instructions diligently. But most people merely think they are traveling in the pros.

Generally speaking ,Chinese students can be introverted and afraid to express themselves sometimes, especially when teachers ask them to answer questions or having doubts. they are concerned a lot about whether they are right or not. But foreign teachers can easily drive students to think actively and give their own opinions because any ideas will be respected by them. Therefore, our children can be more confident while asking questions and responding to teachers.

What's more, sitting in an English environment, they will have an easier access to improving their English writing and speaking skills. After all, everywhere can be their speaking classroom for giving them opportunities to communicate with native-speakers face-to-face. Not for long, they will get used to talking with host family members and other native speakers. Besides, it can also eliminate their sense of strangeness in English and increase their interest in learning it.

But the benefits of traveling are not just about study. It also influences children's behaviors, habits and character. What children can learn in less than a month is limited, but it can greatly help them get rid of bad habits permanently.

In the process of getting along with the foreign peers, children will discover their undetected bad habits. For instance, once they see their foreign peers never procrastinate, you will then get guilty and beat down procrastination to a pulp. They will also realize the difference and gap between them and foreign children and then try learn the merits of them..

More importantly, it is better for them to separate with their parents for a period of time. Nowadays, many only children have grown up spoiled by their parents and grandparents so that they rely totally on them and may not do one thing on their own. Overseas study tours give them a chance to develop independence.

After children have done with overseas study tours, many parents say that not only their children's communication skills and self-care ability Improved, but they also become more outgoing and courageous than ever before. They even learn to deal with bad things in a positive attitude.

Taking what is above-mentioned into account, I believe overseas study tours for pre-school children and elementary school students can be helpful in terms of both study and growth.

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