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To have my own zoo that exhibits a focus on reptiles ; lifetime goals

DillJone 3 / 4  
Aug 28, 2013   #1
Considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals.

My lifetime goal is to have my own zoo that exhibits a focus on reptiles and the advancement of animal knowledge. This goal is concrete and impossible to deviate from in my mind. Everything I do now and hope to do in the future is geared towards either the advancement of my knowledge of animals, or toward the prospect of running a zoo.

Currently I am working at an exotic pet-store that has a focus on reptiles and fish. While I know much about the aspects of fish keeping, my expertise lies with reptiles. I constantly am expanding my knowledge and am trying to improve on the ways that many species are being kept in captivity. While to some it may seem like a job I see it as a way to prepare myself for my future. While running the reptile section in its entirety I feel as if its a preview to my future in the world of zoo keeping.

For a while I was also a plant caretaker at my grandfathers aquarium manufacturing plant. There I took care of many exotic species of terrestrial and aquatic plants and know how they relate with one another and how they grow. I also have a key role in the design of many tanks used for reptiles and amphibians as well as being a consult for other zoological societies on their reptile husbandry. I will work as an installer for national and international jobs, mainly installing pet store fixtures, but I specialize in decoration of large scale exhibits and tanks with live plants and animals. This whole combination of jobs I believe will help me in designing attractive yet effective exhibits for the future animals of my zoo, whether they be fish, reptiles, or any animal large and small.

In terms of academia, I currently am choosing classes and subjects that best support what my goals are. Being a self taught homeschooler I have a generally wider array of options at my disposal. At the time of this writing I am taking an Animal Behavior course taught from University of Melbourne, Teaching myself all the details of chemistry, and have completed Biology, taking notes straight from a text book then subsequently taking a Biology SAT and making a 740. My entire academic choices are geared either towards learning what I need for a zoo or for getting into college in order to further my zoological education.

In the future I will be getting a Doctorate for zoology. I am adamant about the point. I do not want only a four year degree or to be regarded as knowledgeable in my field. I want to be the best in my field. I will be joining any club or activity that relates to the zoology or herpetological field, as well as any chance to work directly with or for a zoo of any size shape or form. My goals in life are set in stone and I will complete them at any cost.

I want everything from grammatical errors to just general improvement. Thank you!

1365violin 4 / 12 2  
Aug 31, 2013   #2
Looks good :) But, I would not go on details of test scores,etc. I heard that colleges don't really like when students "lists" their achievements in their essay! You can put it on a resume!!

Good Luck!!

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