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Pain at the pump. An electric vehicle should be your next car

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Jul 8, 2008   #1
Lately everyone has experienced the pain at the pump. The sky-high gas prices force people to think of alternative vehicles to reduce the cost of driving. An electric vehicle has crossed my mind many times in the past year. After looking into the cost for maintenance, the cost of recharging, and the performance of electric vehicles, I am convinced that my next car will be an electric car.

Firstly , electric vehicles require much less time and money for maintenance than traditional vehicles. They require no regular tune-ups, and oil changes like traditional vehicles. Furthermore, they have no timing-belts, no water pumps, no radiators, no fuel injectors, and no tail-pipes to replace; therefore, they require very little maintenance.

Next, they cost much less to recharge compared to the cost to refuel traditional vehicles. For instant, my current car required premium gas, and the premium gas costs on average about five dollars per gallon. Consequently, my car costs me approximately seventy dollars for every two weeks to refuel, and I am not a typical driver. I only drive about three to four thousand miles per year. On the other hand, electric vehicles only cost around a dollar per day to recharge according to California Air Resource Board's recent survey.

Lastly, their performances are as superior or better than traditional vehicles. Performance Testing done by California Air Resource Board has demonstrated that Electric Vehicles' acceleration, speed, and handling equal to or exceed that of traditional vehicles. Electric vehicles are very energy efficient; they are about seventy five percent energy efficient compared with twenty percent fuel efficiency in the tradition vehicles. They produce less noise because the engines do not run if the vehicles are not moving.

In conclusion, Electric vehicles require less time and money to maintain and recharge, yet they has the same or better performance than traditional vehicles. I am convinced that owning an electric car in the near future is the smart decision. In 2009, there will be quite a few number of electric cars coming onto the market; Think, Subaru, and Mitsubishi are just to name a few. If you are trying to cut down the cost driving, you should test drive electric vehicles at your next trip to the car dealers.

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Jul 9, 2008   #2
Good morning :)

You've got a good rough draft here. Watch your tense; otherwise, just a few mechanical errors. You are well organized and give good facts to back up your assertions. Depending on what your teacher requires, if you need to cite the studies you use in this essay, make sure you are doing so. Your paragraphs are structured well and the essay flows nicely. Good work.

Moderator, EssayForum.com
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Jul 10, 2008   #3
Your feedback is very helpful to me. I am so grateful that there are people like you volunteering your time to help everyone improve his/her writing.

I am trying to overcome my fear of writing, and in the process of doing so I am currently taking a creative writing class to learn about essay writing. Following my teacher's suggestion, I write one short essay a day to help overcome writer's block and to improve my overall writing.

Thank you so much.
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Jul 10, 2008   #4

You are very welcome! I enjoy watching as your writing improves, and improving it is! I applaud you for your bravery, strength, and determination towards becoming a better writer. Many individuals just say, "I'm a bad writer; I'll just do what I have to in order to get by, and that's it" and that's a shame. You are taking control of your weakness, which is the only way to turn that into strength. As you write more, remember to read more; if you don't have time to read, you don't have the tools to write, and that's something I strongly believe. Listen to other student's writings, and take what you can from them. Work with others in your class as much as you can; you will learn just as much from your classmates as you will from your instructors. Keep it up, you are absolutely making progress!

Moderator, EssayForum.com

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