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some paraphrase for some articles about the internet and newspaper

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Ross Dawson, who wrote the 'Living Networks' book which predicted the social networking revolution, thinks that newspapers may be close to extinct earlier than expected. In a newspaper extinction timeline that Dawson published in 2010, he predicted that the earliest country which will face newspaper extinction, is U.S. Moreover, he predicted that the newspaper would disappear in Saudi Arabia by 2034 and in the UAE by 2028. After the dramatic rise of using Facebook, twitter and YouTube especially in Saudi Arabia and UAE, Dawson changed his mind and he thinks that the newspaper extinction timeline should be revised. For example, one newspaper editor in Saudi Arabia reported that his newspaper sales decrease from 140,000 copies to down to around just 40,000. In general, there are some circumstances which accelerate newspaper extinction such as, economic development, government regulation and demographics.

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The Internet is considered the second source for news among people whereas local television is still the most popular source. Furthermore, the Internet is the only source of news which has grown year by year according to audiences whereas all the other sources have declined including newspaper and television.

In surveys which conducted by the Pew project for excellence in Journalism, people were asked about their favorite source for getting news, 41% of respondents said that they get news online by the internet while 31% said that they get their news from a newspaper. Of course, 65% of the respondents, who aged between 18 to 29 years, said the their main source for getting news is the Internet.

As of the end of 2010, people prefer getting their news from the Internet rather than the newspapers so more advertising dollars went to online outlets than to newspapers. This has many severe consequences on newspaper because 80% of newspaper income is collected from advertisements. Nowadays most newspapers advertising revenue has decreased 44% from 2005 to 2009 while the online advertising has increased by 2009 sharply.

Newspapers should find innovative ideas for their publishing rather than their traditional method to face the dangerous foe of the Internet. For example,
Some newspapers could adapt with these developments by making online editions which play a useful role by feeding the news more quickly and efficiently.

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None can deny that newspapers have suffered from losing audience dramatically because of moving a lot of readers to the Internet. However, some newspapers especially the American newspapers try to solve this problem by tending to share their articles and subjects online at low cost and more widely.

Some companies prefer to advertise in the newspapers rather than in TV because first, the newspaper updates daily. Secondly, it is faster and wide. Finally, TV advertising is very expensive compared with advertising in the newspaper.

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The Internet is the most important invention of the 21st century. It was a transition in communication. Nowadays the Internet is a favorite source to get information and news among teenagers while, in the past, most people prefer to get their news and information by newspaper. On one hand, those who still prefer to get their news by newspaper think that newspaper is very cheap, easy to handle and its information is mostly reliable. On the other hand, one of the things which make the internet better than newspaper that internet is more faster than newspaper to impart news and information but by newspaper you need to wait for the next day to know the news of the previous day. Also, the Internet is mostly favorable for children because it just shows the general headlines of the news while the newspaper goes into too many details.

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