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Parent should give smartphone to their school kids.

Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Sep 8, 2015   #1
Technologies have given many facilities to human being. People take advantage from the technologies and sometime start using it for wrong purposes. Using of smartphones is full of advantage for student, but some students are getting influence badly from smartphones too.

Requirement of quick information is increasing day by day. In that smartphone are very useful asset to use. In this competitive world, most of the things depend on the information, such as information about the subject before the exam, information about the occurrence of the events. There will be great loss if people will not be well informed, in such cases smartphone are most helpful thing to utilize. It includes the feature such as quick internet, Wi-Fi, easy massaging facilities, which avails almost all information and help in action that save lot of time. So use of smart phone is very much useful.

Connectivity is very important for everybody. No matter if person is young or old. Connection provides many opportunity, making connection and being in touch with fellow student are very easy in the smartphone. Such as, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most celebrated social media where student connects to each other and get to know about their life. Sometime these connections helps student to find out opportunity. A world wide use massaging application what's up has bring revolution in sharing information. People are creating groups of discussion where they can clear their problem and take advice. Altogether it provide good source for one to improve their life.

However, everything has merit and demerits, and it is with smartphones also. Some students are getting deviated from their actual path, such as getting trap in the wrong group. Some people start using it to watch pornography movie, mms, and chatting addiction. It is also true that in the age like 18-20 most of the student did not get the sense of maturity and most likely to fall in the wrong trap. It is depend on the parents and their instruction on the student to utilize the smartphones.

in the aforementioned reasons, smartphone has multiples of advantage, it has bring the world in a small screen. it avails the facility which was almost impossible before 50 year. It is always helpful to use smartphones for student with good instruction of parents.

Praptee 1 / 2  
Sep 9, 2015   #2
I personally think that with equipping their children with smart phones, parents should also talk to them about the infinite set of useful skills and knowledge they can acquire with the use of this device. Smart phone is one of the most magnificent technologies of our time and depriving children of this opportunity to grow, learn and keep up with the society is not a wise choice per se. However, access to smart phones should be granted only at a proper age and with some ground rules that will also help them learn the importance of social interactions and nature in person.
profes 3 / 9  
Sep 9, 2015   #3
The essay is well written but you need to tell use what type of essay are you dealing with is a TOEFL, SAT or other? so that we can give you a meaningful help. Anyway, I want to focus on the conclusion because it leaves the last impression to the reader. Your conclusion is missing the craft and the wit of the good writer. It's too short and shallow. So, you need to provide a more clear summary , raise a further debate and put emphasis on the limitation of your work. If you do this you will have a strong conclusion and a good essay.

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