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Parents should not allow their children to watch television so they are good students

sunglyeol 3 / 5  
Jul 31, 2011   #1
Parents should not allow their children to watch television so that they can do well at school.

Today, television is the indispensable item in the house. This item makes children laugh and give a lot of information. It`s seem to be helpful to children, so lots of parents allow their children to watch the item. However, I think that the box is not good for children. There are two major reasons why so: televisions get rid of the time to prepare the school and there are so many bad ingredients in the goods.

First of all, the television decreases the time to prepare the school activities. Children have lots of homework, so they should have time to study by themselves. If they don`t have the time, their school grades could down. In my experience, in elementary school, I always loved to watching the television. At that time, I was unable to concentrate on the other things such as school assignments, hanging out with friends and playing in outdoor. Then, I had some trouble in school; grades were decreased and friends left me. Therefore, parents have to supervise whether their children watch the television.

Moreover, the square box has lots of bad elements such as violence, sexuality and slang. These elements can influence to the children. For example, research team studied that how the elements which are released at the television affect to the child. They compared with two groups. The one group was children who watch the television for a month and the other groups is the counterparts. The result of the study is interesting. The first group had anxious and leak of concentration, but the other group did not have the symptom. This study tells us how the stupid box is harmful to the young people. Therefore, parents should never give children a permission of watching the stupid box.

In conclusion, I claim that parents should know that the television is not good for children, so they have to forbid their child watching the stupid box. Because the box takes lots of time to study and has a number of bad elements.


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