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Parents should care about their children's education - challenging point

vahid5570 2 / 2 1  
Aug 18, 2015   #1
As usual, whether or not parents should care about their children's education than in the past is always a challenging point. In this regard, a few people would deem nowadays parents should observe their children's education, but others, in contrast, asserts that it is not necessary for parents to be involved it. I am among the people believing that the advantages of such approach outweigh the disadvantages in that not only is the level of knowledge of families increased, but competition for finding a proper also is augmented.

The first point which should be mentioned here is that parents today's get familiar more about the importance of education in the future life of their children. The fact of this matter is that thanks to a lot educational programs and books, families become aware that children should be noticed in their education. For example, the administrator of schools nowadays have held a lot of meeting with parents to talk with them about why and how they can help to children. Apart from that, we should think about a lot of ways and devices used by children leads to wasting their time. As an example, children spend most of their time with playing ridicules games and surfing in the Internet. Should parents are involved in their children's education, and how they spend their time, they provides them with using efficiently their life.

Another reason which should be seen by everyone is that the competition between children is increased for finding a suitable job. To illustrate more, nowadays having an educational degree is so prerequisite for every career. Due to for having degree, children should attend in the university and get good scores. If managers select their employee between a wide ranges of people with the same degree; they choose the best of them. In this way, children should improve their knowledge and skills. Hence, that parents are as a great supporter for children is necessary for being successful.

By taking account into all the aforementioned reasons, one might come to the conclusion is that children should be observed by their parents to be succeeded in their education. It is highly recommended parents should care about their children's education to guarantee their future.

shintacandrade 10 / 74 87  
Aug 19, 2015   #2
Hi Vahid,

I guess this essay is intended for ielts or toefl test. For that reason, I suggest you to write the question completely so that the readers can give meaningful feedback for your writing. It is quite difficult to comment an essay without knowing the prompt.

OP vahid5570 2 / 2 1  
Aug 19, 2015   #3
Sorry; Agree or disagree: parents should care about their children's education than in the past
ednashirley - / 4  
Aug 19, 2015   #4
Hi Vahid,

I like your question as well as essay. Parents should care about their children. not only in the case of education. They should know how their child growing everyday and what they learned so far. Good keep writing.

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