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Parents should choose the best univ. possible for their kids. Agree or dis.

nezzaru 3 / -  
Sep 9, 2008   #1
Nowadays, many parents feel that their children should enter the best university possible. That's somehow may sound right, but I disagree with this state. There are three reasons that I think parents should consider.

First, choosing schools must base on student's preference. The best university is not always the one that your children like the most. An educational environment which makes students feel comfortable will stimulate them to expose their deepest ability. For instance, a famous law school in your neighborhood may not be the best choice for your kid, who enjoyed drawing since little. Forcing him or her to study without enthusiasm will not bring back anything but failure. An art school may be the better option in this case.

Second, parents must consider their child's ability to whether or not send them to a good college. Every university has their own study style and requirements for students to follow. It's no good if your child find it hard to catch up with classmates in a high-quality college. This may lead to disappointment, dispirited and even some negative actions. So find a suitable university with your child's level with be a better solution.

And the final reason is: the family's condition may bring troubles to your kid's study. Such a top colleges may have with it high school fee, or a campus that so far from your house and you need someone at home daily to help you something for example. In that case, don't make your son or daughter's study become a burden to the family, just select a neighboring university or lower class one, things will be easier.

Above are my opinions about choosing university, I think it essential for parents to ponder over this issue carefully because it affect your child's future.


What do you think of the main ideas ? Do I need more examples ?

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