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Daniel1998 4 / 8  
Jul 26, 2016   #1
Many parents think that it is good to help children in their homework, but others think parents should not do that and it is their own duty. Discuss both and give your opinion.

As I mentioned before I will be really glad if someone gives me an approximate IELTS band

Parental involvment is considered by some to be beneficial when it comes to children's homework. Nevertheless, others argue that this is detrimental to the children's education and they are the ones responsible for doing their homework on their own. In my opinion, helping youngsters with their homework is useful to some degree, as long as it is not something to be done on a regular basis.

On the one hand, most children do not perform well in all the subjects. They might find it difficult to grasp every single piece of information taught in the class. Furthermore, some teachers employ old-fashioned teaching methods which can be inappropriate for the pupils' age. Lack of interest in certain subjects is also likely to contribute to the youngster's state of bewilderment. All these can make the children feel incapable of doing his or her homework. In this case, the child is bound to ask his parents for assistance, which is perfectly understandable. Most parents are aware of the many requirements that the school teachers have because they were also students at some point in time. Thereby, they empathize with their child and consider that helping them with their homework will only improve the situation and will not cause any harm.

On the other hand, the teaching approach has changed significantly over the last period of time. Consequently, parents' knowledge and solving methods might not correspond to the way subjects are taught today. Helping the children with their homework could get them even more confused. Parents should support children to ask their teachers or classmates questions at school in case they did not understand something related to a particular lesson. Children need to become rather independent so as to solve whatever problem they encounter not only at school, but in life.

To conclude, I have mixed feelings on the matter in question. I strongly believe that children have to pay as much attention as they can during the classes, considering that homework is usually based on what it was taught at school in that day. With regard to the parents, they will ensure that the teaching methods they employ, when helping their child doing his or her homework, are according to those at school, if they want to be helpful.
giangnt248 2 / 8 2  
Jul 26, 2016   #2
Hello Daniel! it's so nice to have chances to exchange every minute in writing essay with you! I see that you essay is so good with the possible qualification of being a good English learner. You used quite a large range of vocalbulary to some extent, together with the sentence flexibility! I am not an IELTS viewer so i am not sure if i could give you a corresponding band score for your essay. However, if possible, you can reach the band 6 without some of certain mistaken word spells (You can check again, but i think that it is due to your carelessness in typing words on the internet, so don't worry :)) and some of the normal words. You can improve more for reaching band 7 and above by learning harder and harder about academic/ formal words to replace normal words with them.

to some degree : why don't you use: to a certain degree , it will sound more professional :)

as long as it is not something to be done on a regular basis : you should try avoid using too much the verb to be/is/are/were.... if it's not passive tense or fixed phrase and the word something

They might find it difficult : You can say it again in a more formal way like: They might find it unattainable (or a challenge)

Try not use too much the same word like:children . You can replace: Pupils, students... or teacher replaced by tutor/ educator , help replaced by support, assist, coordinate.. , changed --->altered , solve -->address ....

Last but not least, i suggest that you shoulg give the balance for your paragraphs effectively. For ex: You should develop more ideas in your third paragraph or reduce sentences in your second paragraph in a succinct way. As a result, your writing will be considerably improved.

Hope you better!
OP Daniel1998 4 / 8  
Jul 26, 2016   #3
Thank you for your words. Actually I spelled correctly "involvement" , you can check the dictionary. I also think that the "mistakes" you underlined are not necessarily grammar mistakes, althought those phrases might sound better the way you suggested. Anyway thank you for your advices once more and I hope you'll improve your IELTS band. I am going to take it on the 13th of August.
jobymonpj 8 / 17 1  
Jul 28, 2016   #4
hai Daniel,involvement is the right spelling but in your essay you have written involvment ;it could be a typing mistake as well which often happens with me as well. I didn't mean that those things I had pointed out are actually grammar mistakes but can be written in a better way .

And all the best for your exam on 13th august.
OP Daniel1998 4 / 8  
Jul 28, 2016   #5
Yes sorry. I saw now that i spelled it wrong. And thank you