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Parents put too much pressure on their children for their future. Reasons? Positives or negatives.

anna ruan 1 / -  
Sep 4, 2021   #1

children under pressure

Being successful is a beautiful dream for everyone. Especially under the standard of modern socialize , most of parent always want their child become a talented person. While pushing pressure on the kids is one of the best way to give them the motivation to study hard for bright future, it's only worked when they realize the things they can earn from their efforts.

People said that parent are the ones who always want the best for their kids, that might be the reason why parent usually force their child to study hard. Easily understand that if parent became older, they would not take care of their child anymore. Therefore, they want the child can be stronger enough to face with every obstacle when parent are not by their side. Besides, in Asia, the conception of children have to take care of their parent when they get older is very popular in social mindset. For that reason, the child has put a lot responsible not only for them self but also for their family which was raised them. Moreover, in the future the Asian child will have their own family. In facts, they have to striven double compare to Western child to take on all the responsibility.

In another hands, being under pressure give children the chances to practicing the endurance skill so that in the future they can be suitable to work under pressure. If parent could soon find out the talent feature of the child and orientation the child on the right way, the pressing they put on their child will not being wasted. But the most important things is the child has to realize the benefit they have received when they live under the pressure of their parent. In reverse, the child will feel dissatisfied with parent suggestion and all advising of parent will have negative effect on their child.

In conclusion, creating hope on children is an excellent idea for the maturing of the child but it should be done with the mentality understanding of parent for their child. In that way, the pressure can have a positive effect on the child's growth
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,569 3753  
Sep 5, 2021   #2
The restatement, reason, and s statement is not accurate. The writer failed to deliver an original topic based restatement. He also did not provide direct answers to the questions. in fact, he even totally avoided responding to the last question. The score for the paragraph will be in the failing range, making it difficult to predict if he will get a passing overall score.

Grammar issues abound in the essay ranging from plural sentence formation, proper sentence structuring, and vocabulary usage. The miter tris his best to avoid these enors but this English writing skills are not strong enough for him to do so at this point. I will however, acknowledge this effort.

He understands the topic and how to discuss it. Further grammar rules learning and sentence exercises can help him sharpen his skills and correct his grammar rules misunderstanding.
benedictandrew 1 / 2  
Sep 5, 2021   #3
I think the word "socialize" in the sentence "Especially under the standard of modern socialize..." is in an incorrect form since it is a verb. Moreover, you should replace the word "parent" with its plural form because there are some grammatical mistakes throughout the passage.

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