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"Parents must stimulate their children to study" - essay help revision

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Jan 1, 2011   #1
Although education became the main reason to have a comfortable life, most students wish everyday to be their last day of going to school. Since going to school became a scary matter for students, we should think about the reasons that make them terrified of school. Being alone, concern of doing bad at school and economic situation could be consider as the main reasons that make students terrified of school.

Being alone and having no friends are the main sources that make students terrified of school. Students are terrified of being alone because, it would make them feel that they are unpopular and unloved. For example, we see many students at the beginning of their semester are talking on their cell phone while, there is no one on phone that talks with them. Moreover, they would lie that they are busy and they have to go to do something or they are going with their friends while, they will stay at campus and they have nothing to do. They do all those and many other things just to show that they are not alone and they are popular.

The concern of doing bad on school is an important reason that terrifies students of school. This issue is related significantly to students' parents and the environment that they live. the parents practice a lot of pressure on their children so that their children to do their best on school. For example, setting high levels for their children's study leads children to exhaust themselves on study in attention, not to disappointed their parents. But what parents don't know is that they are exhausting their children which lead school to be a terrified matter to their children.

Economic situation is an important problem that makes students unwilling to go to school. Many students became maniac about their clothes, mobiles, watches etc. They compare their stuffs with each other to see whose stuffs are better. Parents and poor students are the victims of this problem Since, it could be consider as a lot of pressure that leads them to abandon school. For example, many students work after school in attention to buy modern things for school. So we can see that economic situation can lead to terrible consequences at school.

However, most of those problems are able to solve. for example, making students wear uniform at school could reduce economic differences between students. Parents and society, for sure, have the main role in facilitation the obstacles that students face in school. They should educating students that being a lone for a while at school is a normal thing that everyone faces in school. Parents must stimulate their children to study not to practice pressure on them otherwise, the desire of students would be abandon school instead of study at school.

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Jan 1, 2011   #2
Although a comfortable life became the main reason to have an education , most students wish everyday would be their last day of going to school.

Hi! Before I continue reading, what is the prompt for this essay?

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