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Are parents supposed to teach proper social behavior to their children?

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Aug 27, 2016   #1
IELTS WRITING TASK 2: parents and school should teach children how to be good members of society

A wide range of people argue that parents are supposed to teach about good fellow of society for their children, whereas other believe that school is the best place to teach children relating to this issue. I strongly believe both parents and schools have same essential role to highlight how to be a good member of society for children.

There is no doubt that education which is conducted by school is the best method to broaden children horizon since it provides a great deal of knowledge. The school curriculum is also created by involving three essential aspects (affective, behavior, and cognitive) to improve children skills including how to deal with society by becoming a good member of community. For instance, Indonesia authority has a rigorous regulation by implementing these aspects in civic education lesson. This subject concerns to create human values for children and teaches them how to become a good member of society. Moreover, it is not only about cognitive skills but also how to implement behavior and affective skills in real society such as by conducting community service from student.

However, it should not be forgotten that children life is not about school life but how they behave in the real society. Parents lead an pivotal role to control their children in society. They also have responsibility to teach their children as human being. For example, they become a good role model for their children by pointing a good attitude. Helping each other, generous, empathy, and smile are the simplest ways that parents can teach about by giving the example. Subsequently, parents must control their children attitude intensively as there are plenty of bad habits that can lead children break human rules in society.

To sum up, parents and schools should take into account of society education for their children. They are supposed to collaborate each rule by implementing civic education in schools and parents have to control their children is society so that their children can be good member of society.
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Aug 27, 2016   #2
Nice essay i just made a few changes
"supposed to teachproper social behavior to their children"
"teach children about this issue"
"schools have the same essential role in educating on how to be a good member of society to children."

"broaden child's horizon"
"Indonesia authority utilizes a rigorous regulation"

"This subject is concerned with creating
"implement behavior and e ffective"
"Parents lead an pivotal
"other, being generous, showing empathy,and smiling "
"can teach about by giving the exampleobservation "

Your conclusion is fine but a few mistakes such as using is instead of in when saying " their children is society" and "good memberS of society".Also your first sentence of your conclusion confuses me as i dont understand what you are trying to say by "take into account of society education "

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