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paying money to supporting art or protecting environment?!

spdmehrabi 1 / -  
Aug 15, 2012   #1
Up on the choice that whether art is more important or paying attention to environment, different people hold various perspectives. In my opinion, we should spend more money to protect our living environment. I hold this perspective because of following reasons.

First and foremost, our life is depends on food sources. These days by expansion of cities most of the natural areas have been destroyed. We cut trees and disturb forest to develop our cities and these activities effect animal's habitat and it may also cause extinction of some species. The human food chain is depends on animals and planets and we should pay much attention to protect these sources. By paying money to programs which protect environment we can help our food sources.

Furthermore, improving technology and science is related to energy sources. For example, if human could not find energy sources like oil and gas it would have not improved in technology and industry so much. All of human progression such as development of transportation, industries and even economic is rely on natural energy sources. We should definitely protect our environmental energy sources from exhaustion to continue our developments.

In addition to reasons mention above, the beauty and purity of environment is very important factor that needs attention. According to the recent research in Canada people who have grown up in natural areas such as villages and nonurban areas are healthier and also they are more successful. A child who lives in beautiful country in future becomes more creative and he would have better characteristic, because environment has most effect on people's behavior.

Taking everything into consideration, paying much attention to protecting environment not also has positive effects on individual's behavior but also protect our food chain and energy sources. I hope all companies spend a percentage of their incomes to protect environment and consider it as an investment in not too distant future.

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