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Peers have more of an impact on students than teachers do?

hatq126 1 / -  
Oct 30, 2021   #1

friends vs teachers impact on students

It is believed that a student's behavior and the result can be influenced by some causes. And I would argue that friends have more effects on them than teachers.

To begin with, getting on well with classmates has a strong positive influence on students. Because of the educational condition, they spend more time with peers than teachers. They just meet the teacher in the restricted period while most of the school time is spent interacting with their friends. For example, just in Math periods, students are able to communicate with Math mentors, but they will meet other students in all periods left. This leads to their behavior can be influenced more effectively by peers because of longer interaction.

On the other hand, the relationship between classmates can create a competitive environment. Students would prefer to express themselves and do their best to excel. They may bury themselves in their books in order to overtake their opponents. As a result, the academic outcomes could be improved. For instance, league tables with scholarships are a good way to create motivation for students to compete with others.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the positive changes on students are mostly referred to their peers than teachers.
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Oct 31, 2021   #2
The essay is only 202 words long. This would normally be an automatic failing score but since the scoring consideration changes new implemented, TA percentage deductions will apply instead. Regardless, the preliminary deductions applied will cause a failing score. That is, even after scores are awarded for the remaining criteria.



These are conjunctions used to connect ideas within a sentence. It can only be used after an idea has been presented. This is the main reason why you cannot use it to start a sentence. The grammar structure becomes incorrect. The sentence structure would have gotten a better score if you had started with "I" instead.

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