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People are able to work or study from home, no need to travel to work or college

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Jun 12, 2014   #1
In some countries, with the widespread use of the internet, people are able to work or study from home, instead of having to travel to work or college. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Discuss and state your own opinion.

Internet Harassment

Revolution in information and telecommunication changed the world wide into global village; people can do their jobs anytime, anywhere in the world easily. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, similarly there are also numerous merits and demerits of internet.

Now internet has become essential, it is using in each and every field of life. Huge amount of information is available for each topic; people can search about their interested topic. Thousands of sites such as Wikipedia, Ask, Yahoo answer, are great sources of information by using these sites students can get data and study easily just at home.

Similarly, people can do their jobs at home they do not need to travel to far places to earn money. Many companies offer online jobs, interested people can get these works by just uploading their CVs. As well as freelance sites, as Fiverr, Freelancer, and Elance, also available, people get jobs by using their extra ordinary skills. In the same way people can purchase goods online just by one click of mouse, lot of shopping stores provide free home delivery service.

In contrary, no one can deny the disadvantages of internet. Now students prefer to do work at home as compared to go to colleges, it is devastating situation because man appearance is necessary to learn. Teachers are best to guide students what is better for them, students are losing teacher's guide and honor. Many children do not know what they want to search on internet, they start surf and it might be possible they search sites which are dangerous for their spiritual health. Internet is the source to hack personal information, when users enter their personal data hackers can fetch this and can use this for illegal purposes. As well as some jobs giving sites deceive people, they take money from users and then dodge them.

In conclusion, people must use the internet with safety measurements to save themselves the harassment of internet. In fact, advantages overweigh the disadvantages, just we need healthy protection.

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