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Many people argue that rather than reducing climate change, we should find a way to adapt to it

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Nov 6, 2021   #1

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it

Many people argue that rather than reducing climate change, we should find a way to adapt to it. I completely disagree with this statement and I believe that there are several solutions to tackle this problem.

Government and individuals can take some measures to address this problem. Firstly, using renewable resources include wind energy, hydropower, biomass energy, solar panel, so on instead of fossil fuels would be an effective way to contribute to reducing climate change. These types of energy do not emit carbon dioxide or other gases which cause global warming and a lot of harmful impacts on our life. Secondly, the government should take into consideration encouraging residents to use public transportation such as buses, taxis, subways, etc. By doing this, we can mitigate the amount of energy consumption as well as environmental greenhouse gas emissions.

Unless we prevent climate change, we must face a huge amount of dangerous impacts. Firstly, climate change poses a threat to people's health. Climate change leads to the increase of infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, as well as serious ailments such as heart and respiratory disorders because of the rise of air temperature and variable precipitation. Furthermore, climate change causes the rising of sea level as well as many extreme weather events like drought, tsunami, flood, storm, so on. These things would destroy residents' houses, medical facilities, affect the production of crops and livestock, even submerge several coastal areas that demolish the civilization of these cities.

In conclusion, addressing climate change is an essential mission for both individuals and authorities, not adapting to it.
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Nov 7, 2021   #2
so on


The first phrase reference is meant to indicate additional unsaid information. Similar in use to the word "etc.", this is a non-academic reference used in non-formal or casual writing. Do not use these 2 references going forward as the task 2 essays are formal and academic papers. Good work in the reasoning paragraphs though. The discussion is well supported and uses ample transition words.

Unless we prevent

we must face

The first reference implies we have yet to prevent climate change . The second reference makes it appear that we are compelled to face something. This is a sentence structure error. As we are currently dealing with the effects you pointed out, statement should reflect that. The more appropriate structure is "...we will continue to face... ". This indicates the current effects we are trying to change /alter.

The concluding statement is too short a summary presentation. Use at least 2 sentences. One for the topic and one or 2 more for the reasoning topic quick versions.

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