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Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation. Others want to try and improve them.

Jun 29, 2019   #1

accept when something bad happened or not

It cannot be denied that hardships and unpleasant circumstances are unavoidable facts of human life. Some people suggest that accepting the situations is the optimal way, while other prefer making efforts to overcome troubles.

There are myriad arguments used to support the claim that people should stop fighting against the unpleasant situations. Firstly, putting up with difficult problems may help people avoid being overwhelmed by negative emotions. For example, if an applicant who are being late for an important interview due to traffic jam can accept the situation and not rage at traffic light as well as other drivers, he will absolutely arrive at the interview less distressed. Furthermore, drowning in own thoughts of trying to control the beyond ability matters may result in frustration and desperation along with unconscious actions such as suicide, drug abuse or committing crime.

In contrast, some people believe that it is better to try and improve the bad circumstances. The world is full of inspiring examples of people who has been able to turn hardships into good situations by clearly understanding the value of choice. For instance, in case of being unem

ployed or shortage of money, rather than looking for somebody to blame or complain to, some people may use opportunities to find new jobs, come back to school to develop valuable skills or start their own business instead. This may bring benefits to only themselves but also many people around. Besides, a problems solved will help people to build their confidence to face with the next similar issue happening.

In conclusion, although there is some evidence to support the claim that it would be better to accept what happened, I believe that people should spend more time and effort to overcome the bad situations.

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Jun 29, 2019   #2
-This may not only bring benefits to only themselves but ...Besides, a problems solved ...

-if an applicant who are is being
-..., although there is are some evidence

I think that your essay is pretty good. You have provide clear argument and explain it, however for the example that you give in the passage I think its quite long and a little bit run on, so I suggest that you should cut it down into different sentences.

For instance, in case of being ...
I will change this to : For instance, people who are unemployed or shortage of money can exploit this opportunities to find new jobs or develop themselves instead of blame or complain others.

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