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IELTS TASK 2 : Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their countries

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Jan 11, 2022   #1

The negative perception of toward tourism

Recent years have witnessed the proliferation of global tourism in disparate parts of the world, yet many inhabitants contend that this industry can trigger some disadvantages to their nations. Some explanations for this phenomenon will be put forward before certain appropriate ways of dealing with it are suggested.

The negative perception of indigenous people towards tourism could be ascribed to a number of reasons. A major cause is that the huge influx of foreign travelers is often associated with environmental issues. It is common to observe visitors throwing wrappers, cigarette butts and other rubbish in public areas without considering the permanent consequences of their actions. In addition, air contamination is inevitable, which stems from the growing demand for transport between tourist sites. Another contributor to the negative attitude of dwellers is the likelihood of spreading infectious diseases into the society. For example, in Thailand, recently, a couple traveling from Belgium is responsible for a large- scale community transmission of Covid-19, with positive cases increasing beyond the control of the government.

Several solutions could be taken to cope with the situation described above. The most practical measure is to elaborate that international tourism would bring about enormous advantages for native people, therefore offsetting its remaining drawbacks. For instance, the authorities may levy taxation schemes on tourism- related services, and then spend this tax on public amenities or building a better welfare state. Another legal remedy is that there should be heavy restrictions imposed on those who pay their visit abroad. To illustrate, holidaymakers will be required to be fully vaccinated and carry out medical checks before commencing their adventure in the host country.

In conclusion, international tourism receives criticism owing to its irreversible damage to the environment and residents' concern over widespread epidemics. This phenomenon can be addressed by making the locals directly benefit from global tourism and implementing stringent regulations on the entry of foreigners.

P/s: I'd be very grateful if you guys could give me a band score for my essay. My teacher in class just gives us feedback on mistakes but not grading my assignment.

Thank you very much.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,744 4514  
Jan 11, 2022   #2
The reason your teacher only gives feedback and not a grade or score for your writing is simple. The teacher does not want to mislead you into thinking that you are at a writing level of a particular band score when the examiner may assess you differently during the actual test. The best we can do as consultants is offer you potential scoring results based on the indivual sections. The idea is to present you with the clear reasons why you should focus on specific areas of development in your writing. Not to give you an idea of how you might score during the actual test. That service however, is done privately at this forum rather than in public to protect the student from public scrutiny. That is also the reason why we do not allow fellow students to publicly score other students. Fellow students do not have any actual training that will allow them to properly assess your work.

The first problem with this essay is the word count. You must never write more than 300 words for the Task 2 essay because of the 40 minute writing limitation. Since you have to make sure that you have time to review, correct, and perfect the explanation you are presenting, you must never write more than this number of words. Additionally, longer essays tend to create forced errors on the part of the student. You will make more GRA, LR, and C&C errors because of the mistaken belief that longer essays will score better. It actually has the opposite effect. Longer essays could force a failing score that could have been avoided with a shorter piece.

The next reason that this essay is in error is because of the missing thesis statement. Notice the direct questions being asked in the prompt? These are meant to direct the clear writing of your essay by forcing you to summarize a response to each question. Thereby creating topic sentences and writing guides for the 2 reasoning paragraphs. The essay actually does not meet the writing requirements in the TA section because of these missing responses. You also changed the topic from "bad thing for their country" to "disadvantages" which is an incorrect discussion basis. The wrong keyword synonym was used, causing a lowering of the LR score.

There are even more problems with this essay that could be pointed out but I need to shorten my review at this point. All I can tell you is this, the paper you have written will not recieve a passing score. If you want a point by point review and possible scoring reference for this paper, then you will have to contact me privately for it.
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Jan 12, 2022   #3
Thank you so much for your evaluation, especially those related to word limit
But I don't understand why I miss responded in reasoning paragraph, I think I did have the topic sentence: "The negative perception of indigenous people towards tourism could be ascribed to a number of reasons"

Also I do not know what "TA section" refers to.

Anyway, Pardon me if my expression is impolite. I'm quite bad at English <3

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