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Should people choose a simple life or rely on technology to solve environmental issues?

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Dec 2, 2015   #1
Ever since the occurrence of Industrial revolution in the 18th century, technological advances have always been exerting innovations in leaps and bounds together with the emergence of hazardous environmental issues. To conquer such situation, there are opinions advocate a simpler lifestyle while others place great emphasis on technology itself to solve the on-going problem. In this essay, I shall be discussing both views and later give my opinion.

To begin with, as for the first perspective, people prefer to take on a simpler life as a means to veer away from the environmental impacts caused by the emergence in technological demands. Perhaps it is true to some extent that the arising environmental issues are usually taking root from excessive requirement of the mass for goods and technological development. To be more specific, it is no surprise that every single individual nowadays wants to possess a car or good electronic gadgets to keep pace with the fast-paced digital age; therefore, formidable demand for goods from the mass, which is surging every day, is likely to result in negative impacts on the environment. Furthermore, the society nowadays are developing into a disposable culture because of the constantly changing trend of following the competitive race of using convenient gadgets resulting in short-term using habits in any certain types of products and increasing environment-harmful disposals from such tendency. Hence, as long as people reduce the rapid rate of consuming goods, the environmental can be utterly tackled.

Nevertheless, effectively solving environmental problems also requires the involvement of technologies. Specifically, scientists currently are coming up with the idea of using solar or hydro power as alternatives for the hostile dwindling fossil fuels. Still, without the genuine desire of people to customize their ways of living, technological leaps created to deal with the environmental issues would become pointless in no time.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, people's changing conception to live a simpler life should be more advocated than only inactively depending on technologies to develop well enough to solve increasingly harmful environmental impacts. Hence, people should set limits on the usage of goods to protect the environment thoroughly.
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Dec 2, 2015   #2
Hi Tran Tri

Your ideas are described clearly in your writing and use unusual words so that I attract to read this writing.

You should describe little explanation about your view so that the reader know general view about your opinion. I also read all paragraph, but I did find your opinion in your writing, except the conclusion paragraph. You should write a paragraph at body paragraph third or one of two perspective paragraph which you explained. In addition, you give a clear reason about your opinions and do not only list all your opinions. I believe you have many ideas which you can explore in your writing.

Overall, Good Job..

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