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More and more people now choose to wear the fashionable clothes.

sundin928 12 / 18 10  
Jul 23, 2014   #1
More and more people now choose to wear the fashionable clothes. Why is it? What are the positive and negative effects does this trend impose on the society?

There is a growing trend in the world today that people favoring the fashionable clothes to ordinary clothes,especially for young people .This essay will examine the reasons for this phenomenon and discuss some of the disadvantages and advantages it will have on society.

The main reason of this is that wearing the fashionable garments can capture the attention of the general public,and thus people may feel a particular and superior emotion. That is the reason why the majority of young people tend to show off themselves and believe that unique and costly cloth is what differentiates a person who live in an affluent background.Besides,more and more serious celebrity effect results to this trend.For example,once a wonderful cloths wore or advertised by famous people,it will become the hot-caks that many people chose to buy.So,when consumers buy some clothes,they pay more attention to the novel style of clothes that how fashionable they are rather than the quality.

It is deniable that although wearing popular garments has its advantages such as boosting the development of fashion and making a city keep pace of the modern trend,I strongly hold my view that it has many negative effects we should take aware of.Firstly,there is a mounting trend that more counterfeits are produced by illegal manufactures,since not everyone has the high-level of consumption to buy expensive and popular clothes.Even if this satisfied the person's vanity,the public moral would be influenced negatively.Furthermore,we should recognized that traditional costumes represent a country's culture and history,such a cloth that individuals should do protect and respect rather than ignore.Thus,symbolizing the modern elements and traditional elements is the best way to present what is fashion.

In conclusion,the main reasons of people wearing fashionable clothes are that they can catch public's eyes and satisfy their vanity.Although choosing which clothes to wear is everyone's right,we should not ignore the worries it holds in societies.

louisa216 1 / 1 2  
Jul 23, 2014   #2
negative- The more and more people get "trendy", the greater the expectations in what clothes you should wear increases. People start to categorize what's "cool" and what is not. People already do that, but the expectations are shifted even more. In other words, this or that type of clothing could the only thing that acceptable, the word "cool" or "pretty" defines a smaller range of the type of clothing that is worn by people.

positive- Fashion or just clothing in general could display creativity. A girl, just by looking at another girl's shirt can be inspired and receive new ideas. The creativity in trends help people become more creative and open up new ideas to people. Also, "trends" in fashion can allow people to understand society. A antisocial person, could open up a social media network and could become sociable. The same concept applies in fashion trends, people can be up to date with what is happening the world and therefore lessen the chances of being left out or behind in the real world.

Personally, I'm really into fashion and I think dressing fashionable is a great opportunity in obtaining ideas and just for the sake of dressing to your preferences. But, I am aware that fashion trends can allow people to judge more if one is not "in trend" and people can get cliquish if you're no up to date with everyone else.

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