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Some people claim that doing the same things is a way to keep a good habits. Others, however..

phamminhchau 1 / -  
Jun 16, 2022   #1

Whether changing is a good thing remains controversy.

Some people claim that doing the same things is a way to keep a good habits, whearas some hold onto that changing trains our creativity. This following essay is going to dissect both aspects of this issue.

On the one hand, people keep doing the similar things through times because they love familiar situations and can't stand the changes. Phsychologically, they feel comfortable and easy dealing with situations which they seem to be sure that they are good at them. The dark side of this habit is, in some circumstances, it is passive to do the same things everyday. People have less ability to cope with sudden events.

On the other hand, changing is one of the top tips to practice our mindset as well as improve the creativity and how we react to different conditions, educationally. In terms of finance, sometimes changing is a waste of budget. Let's take travelling as an stark example. While we normally drive our cars to work on the same street everyday, it's pricey to take a train one day just for the difference. However, we have new interesting experience which can even enhance our mood for the whole day.

Generally speaking, in my point of view, whether changing is good or not depends on each personal favouritism. We can consider it as a healthy lifestyle as long as it's appropriate with our life and our characteristics.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Jun 17, 2022   #2
The original prompt does not indicate any controversy surrounding the given topic. This is an unwarranted exageration that altered the perception of the topic. This will be a deduction for this paragraph. Food job in the actual restatements though. The way a premise was provided for each point of view to help highlight the reasoning paragraphs was a nice touch that will surely be rewarded, regardless of deductions.

A problem arose in the discussion paragraphs though. The writer used the correct third person group pronouns in the first public discussion but did not do the same in the next one. He used first person pronouns too early in the presentation. This led to incorrect discussion formats in the next 2 paragraphs.

The lack of a proper concluding summary has left this essay open-ended. Such an error in the presentation normally results in an immediate overall failing score.

The with has a good approach to discussion writing. He just needs to correctly format it next time. This wasa good but non-passing effort.

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