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Some people claim that financing the costs of health care and education should be government's duty

vietduccan 10 / 19 7  
Dec 28, 2018   #1

IELTS Writing Task 2: Discursive Essay

Here is my latest essay on Writing Task 2 IELTS. Please be free to leave your feedbacks. Thanks in advance.
Some people say that governments should pay for public health care and education, while others say that it is not governments' responsibility.
Please discuss both views and give your own opinion

Some people believe that financing the costs of health care and education is supposed to be one of the government's duties. Whilst others argue that the citizens should take that responsibility by themselves. Based on the following discussion of both views, I believe that the government should cover some parts of the bills at least.

On the one hand, it is widely acknowledged that the state's medical subsidies would give public a great chance to enjoy better health care services. For instance, in some underdeveloped countries, many people, especially those in the low-income group could not afford the hospital fees. Therefore, by providing free medical treatment, it would make them less likely to get suffered from many diseases. In addition to that, according to some, making education free for all citizens would increase the number of educated people, which in turn benefits the society.

On the other hand, others think that it would be better if the citizens are responsible for their own educational and health care demands. Firstly, it is widely accepted that the government budget is not unlimited, hence, if not being obliged to make health care and education free for all, the government could spend more money on other critical items. Furthermore, many people argue that there would be an enormous burden imposed on the public investment fund for research and development in the two fields. As a result, the quality of education and medical services would be no longer ensured in long run.

In my view, the arguments for both views are understandable but it would be more reasonable if the government offer financial supports of education and medical service to those who really in dire need. By doing so, it is still responsible for developing a healthy and educated society without making its budget exhausted.

To conclude, despite different views, I believe it would be better if educational and hospital fees are covered to some certain individuals, not for all.

nxuanloc 1 / 3  
Dec 28, 2018   #2
There are some grammar mistake: supports, the citizens ( in the first time you mentioned it ), in the second paragraph first line, the public
MichelleA 1 / 1  
Dec 28, 2018   #3
@vietduccan - give public a great chance to enjoy
give the public access to better health care services

... low-income group could not cannot afford ...

... free medical treatment, it would make
Therefore, by providing free medical services, the less privileged will be able to go for medical treatment without worrying about the financial burdens.

Your conclusion could be:
Both sides of the argument present valid points which have to be considered when choosing whether to subsidize healthcare for the general public or not. However, I believe that educational costs and medical health care can be subsidized for certain individuals in extremely dire circumstances. This will lessen the burden on the government budget and provide such needed amenities to those who truly need it but are to poor to access it.

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