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People, events that change the way you're thinking

KathyLala 20 / 116  
Jun 6, 2011   #1
Topic: persons, events that change the way you thinking?how?

"We had an agreement before our marriage, do you remember?" I continued on, "our family is included you and I and our children." My voice was heavy saying each word. "But I am theirs only son, how could I say no." "Besides, they had financially helped us with this house's down payment", he went on. "Ok! They might move in and stay until I save up to pay back my debt." I finished my sentence, slammed the door, and darted out, leaving my husband with a soft sighing. That was the conversation two years ago between my husband and me when we had a disagreement about letting my parents-in-law move in to live with us. Two years later, I quickly recognized how wrong I was when I initially though living with parents-in-law is a burden and would limit my living freedom.

As soon as my parents-in-law moved in, I had an attitude against them. I talked to them only when I was asked and avoided them as much as possible. I guess my parents-in-law recognized how I felt when I looked into their sad eyes. Despite my behavior, they treated me appropriately in their smart way, especially the mother. She engaged me in conversation, trying to avoid closed-ended questions; rather, she often started with "How do you ..." or "what do you think about...", for example. At first, I reluctantly answered in short statement, but gradually my loquacious personality was revealed, confiding in her any problem that would bother me, looking for her useful advice.

I was not only felt comfortable in speaking with my parents-in-law but also appreciated them for sharing chores in the house. My father-in-law vacuumed at least once a week, washed the dishes, and watered the garden. Since they had moved in, my canned-foods were eliminated, substituting with variety of fresh products which benefit our health significantly. My mother-in-law and I, both were sharing the cooking, but most of the time my mother-in-law was in charge, and I was her helper. Most importantly that was not only our meals tasted better and healthier, but the comfortable atmosphere it gave at dinner time. My children were no longer flopped in the couch with pizzas in their hands and eyes on the television. My husband kicked the habit of eating dinner while working with his computer. The kids prepared the table, and we all ate in our dining room and shared information during the day. Eventually, we showed our children the value of family and taught them respecting parents as they grow old. Through these conversations, I learned what had happened to my children and could be able to help with their trouble.

I haven't thanked enough to my parents-in-law for their physical and financial helps. I just have been noticed that they are now parts of my life, like my husband and children. They often take a weekend-get-away, so that my husband and I and our children have a private time together. However, their absences are not necessary to me anymore but remind me of how important they are in our family. I realize how selfish and shallow I was when not included parents as family members. I have learned not only the idea of giving back to my parents in exchange for their cares and conditional love, but also of deriving from them a sense of spirit.

I'm not often starting my essay with dialogue. This practice essay is my first time to try writing differently the way I write. Please give me any comments on it. I'm preciated for your help

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Jun 8, 2011   #2
"But I am their only son. How could I say no?"---Use a question mark

leaving my husband with a soft sigh. sighing .

Missing a t:
...initially thought living with my parents-in-law would be a burden and would limit my freedom.

Keep it in the past tense:
... fresh products which benefited our health significantly. ----Excellent! They improved your health! :-)

I haven't the words to thank my parents-in-law enough for their physical and financial help.

Okay, practice typing it with these corrections! Practice, practice... :-)
I think this is a great essay... very meaningful for a lot of people.
OP KathyLala 20 / 116  
Jun 9, 2011   #3
HI Kevin
"I haven't the words to thank my parents-in-law enough for their physical and financial help".

This sentence is not sound familiar to me. Anyway, I just memorize this. Thanks for your help, Kenvin
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Jun 11, 2011   #4
"I haven't the words to thank my parents-in-law enough for their physical and financial help".

It's a way to say that you feel a lot of gratitude. Words cannot express as much gratitude as you feel.

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