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IELTS Task I - People's expenditures on certain goods in five countries

iygnit 4 / 7 1  
Feb 28, 2020   #1

consumer spending statistics

The table compares the expenditure spent by consumers on different products in five countries in 2002. The five countries were namely, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

It is clear from the information that the largest proportion of consumer spending in each country went on food, drinks and Tobacco, while the smallest amount of expenditure were spent for leisure and education.

Of the five countries, consumer spending on food, drink and tobacco was considerably high in Turkey, at 32.14%, followed by Ireland, at 29%. On the contrary, the consumer expense on food drink and tobacco was relatively low in Sweden, with 16%.

The consumer in Italy, in comparison with other countries, spent more money on clothing and footwear, at 9%. The consumer spending for leisure and education was the highest, at 4.35%, higher than the figure for Italy and Spain combined, while the lowest was in Spain, with 1.98 %. In 2002, the percentage for leisure and edition expense in Italy was almost the same as in Sweden, with 3.20% and 3.22% respectively.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,853 2638  
Feb 29, 2020   #2
I cannot comment on the content and format of your essay because you uploaded the wrong image with your post. As such, I do not have a proper comparison point for the information you are presenting. I will be forced to just give you a general comment regarding your grammar errors instead.

Rather than saying "different products", show your grammar range by using more descriptive adjectives in the essay. By saying "assorted products" or "various products", you show that you are capable of using more advanced English words and that you have an idea of how descriptive adjectives work. Additionally, since you are writing an accurate report summary, it would be better to avoid words that show uncertainty in your presentation. If you had posted the correct image, I would have had a better reference point to correct this possible writing problem for you. You used those terms of uncertainty twice in your presentation.

When you say, "higher than the figure for Italy and Spain combined", it would be better if you could indicate either the combined figure or individual figures to show supporting data for your claims. Remember, all of the information you present must come from the original image. So making claims not backed up by information from the original will not be reliable in the eyes of the reader.

Please remember to upload the correct image next time. It will be easier to give you advice when there is a comparison point for your writing and my observations. Thanks.
OP iygnit 4 / 7 1  
Feb 29, 2020   #3
Thank you for your constructive feedback.
The attached is the table. Looking forward to hear from you.

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