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Some people are in favour to live in a house, others see more advantages living in a flat

he227803 2 / 4  
Jun 29, 2017   #1

House or a flat? Different opinions

Nowadays, it is argued whether it is better to live in a house or in a flat. Some people hold the opinion that houses are more convenient to live in because of more space and luxury, while others assert that living in a flat is more practical. This essay supports the second point of view and I will illustrate in the next paragraphs that living in a flat is much better because it is cheaper and easier to clean.

Firstly, living in a house is an attractive choice for many people who seek spaciousness and extra amenities. But, cost is a very important factor also to consider when you choose your dwelling place. It is well known that houses are more expensive than flats in the same living districts. According to a survey done by rent., the average American house costs $50,000 more than the average flat of the same number of rooms. The fact that all the building's bills are shared between the tenants makes it always a better choice for people with tighter budget.

Secondly, household tasks are very energy and time demanding which makes people think about having a small place to live in and save a lot of their time rather than owning a big place with so much cleaning and maintenance responsibilities. The average house consists of at least 3 rooms, lounge, kitchen and garden, not counting other amenities like swimming pool. Obviously, this would require at least two persons for cleaning weekly and still a cumbersome task. in addition, busy people and students don't have this time to spend taking care of their houses and so a small apartment will be a perfect solution for them.

To conclude, I don't think that owning a house has more advantages than owning a flat, on the contrary, a lot of times people are inclined towards buying a small flat because it is cheaper and easier to clean and handle.

Lamhaidinh001 - / 1  
Jun 29, 2017   #2
-In the first paragraph, last lie, i think you should not list the reasons obviously like that because it won't attract the examiners . Instead let's discuss about it in the body.

-I reckon that " well-known" means famous, so there may be a better phrase such as " it is common knowledge that ".
- Third paragrapgh, last line, you should replace " dont have this time..." with " dont have enough time to take care.."
- Generally, I am impressed by your usage of vocabulary, they are diverse and interesting. However there is something lack in your paper, which makes me not very satisfy.

+That's my personal opinion. Hope you achieve great success in your study
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Jun 29, 2017   #3
thanks alot, i really appreciate your comment
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,863 2644  
Jun 30, 2017   #4
Hessen, you have taken the wrong approach to writing this essay. Why is it the wrong approach? First of all, you are never supposed to include the reasons that you will be explaining in the opening statement. The opening statement is always just a summary of the assigned topic for discussion and the instructions given. That is the standard, academic, and examiner expected approach to this sort of essay writing. The last sentence of the paragraph should always indicate that the detailed discussion regarding the reasons will follow in the proceeding paragraphs. You should also indicate that your opinion is required in the essay if it is indicated in the original instructions. You should never say "This essay will discuss...". Rather say "In this essay, I will discuss my opinion that..."

The second problem is that this essay indicates researched information from rent.. All English exam essays rely on personal knowledge, publicly known information, or personal experience. You must never get used to indicating researched information because you only have 30 minutes to write this essay. That time allotment will not allow you to do proper research of information. Also, the testing center computers do not have access to the open web, thus rendering any possibility of research impossible on your part. So use only personal factors in such instances.

Finally, your conclusion must only summarize the topic, the discussion information you gave, and the final reiteration or repetition of your point of view. That is 3 sentences with no new information indicated. You cannot add information in a properly developed conclusion because you have a 5 sentence limit per paragraph. That is why you are never advised to add new information at the end of the essay. There isn't enough sentence space to properly develop and defend new ideas at the end.
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Jun 30, 2017   #5
thanks very much for your comment, i didn't mean really that i did a search on rent., but i meant that i read this recently so it is from my personal information.

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