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ielts - should people be forced to stop working?

Geenesh 21 / 29  
Sep 29, 2011   #1
People should be allowed to continue to work for as long as they want to, and not forced to retire at a particular age such as 60 or 65. Do you agree or disagree?

The appropriate age at which a person should stop working is now a much debated issue in the society. Some opine that people should be given the option to choose when they want to call it a day while others oppose this notion. In my personal point of view, the right age for a person to retire should be around 60 years old. I, for one, strongly agree that age should be set as a criterion for people to retire at the aforementioned age due to several reasons that I shall discuss below.

First and foremost, if senior workers dominate the working sector, there will be lesser job opportunities for the fresh graduates. As a result, most of them will be forced to take up careers which are poles apart from what they had studied for. To illustrate this further, a medical graduate might find it very disheartened when he had to spend around five precious years studying medicine and at the end of the day, he will have to take up another profession rather than doctor due to the insufficient job opportunities available. On top of that, due to the lack of genuine passion on the work which was not of their option, there is a greater possibility for their performance standard to dwindle at their workplace.

Apart from that, not all elderly workers are physically well. Beyond that age, a large proportion of them have an elevated chance of contracting a multitude of health problems such as stress related diseases and cardiovascular illnesses. To cite an example, the stressful life that an aged teacher goes through will definitely take a toll on him. Consequently, they will not be able to give their best in whatever they are doing. Besides, the academic institution will have to pay for his medical bills, resulting in more loss for the institution. Thus, it would indeed be better if at an older age, opportunities are given to the younger ones.

Admittedly, the expertise of the senior workers who had retired should never be underestimated. Their invaluable experiences and knowledge in their respective fields such as engineering, medicine, and law can certainly be beneficial to the younger generation. Hence, it is highly recommended that the retiree come over to the companies or hospitals to have regular sessions with the present staffs to bridge the gap between them and to pass on their knowledge.

In conclusion, it is indeed evident that age limit should be set for retirement. There will come a certain time when the older generation should hand over the responsibility to the fresh comers who are certainly waiting to be given a choice to prove themselves. After all, retirement not only marks the end of an individual, but also gives him a chance to make up for what he has lost throughout his working life.

supernoob101 3 / 5  
Sep 30, 2011   #2

I am not sure but, is it OK to use a lot of idioms and the phrases that we usually just used in conversation in the IELTS writing?

for example, in this essay u used: "call it a day" which i understand is used when someone who works very hard and at the end of the day he calls it a day meaning that stopping or pausing the work.
OP Geenesh 21 / 29  
Oct 2, 2011   #3
hi den.. i actually checked it in oxford dictionary about the meaning of it.. here it is : to decide or agree to stop doing
eg : after forty years in politics i think it is time for me to call it a day ( = to retire )
the example is directly from the dictionary ... but i agree maybe it is not suitable to be used in essay as it is informal.. thanks for pointing it out for me :)
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Oct 2, 2011   #4
Hi Sangeetha,
Your essay is very good I think and you have stated very good reasons also. I am sorry I haven't been active on EF lately so I couldn't respond to your emails. However , I should say that your essay is very good and the structuring is also good , as per the required standards of English in IELTS. I hope you do well in your test.

Good luck.
supernoob101 3 / 5  
Oct 4, 2011   #5
yes Sangeetha, i was thinking that they are idealistic to be used in the speaking side of the ielts and you used them very naturally in this essay.


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