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'People should give up their cars to save the earth.' Do you agree or disagree?

Eric2750230 7 / 11 6  
Aug 24, 2015   #1
'People should give up their cars to save the earth.' Do you agree or disagree?

Cars are machines built by our own able hands and intellectual minds; to expand the experience of our lives. Majority enjoys this unique experience and it is manifested through its usage and the number of sales in the global market. Cars are one of the things that people can delineate and disparate "21st century" from the past.

In the past, as we have seen, 'transportation problem' was what people emphasized and the negative repercussion that had on the economy was inestimable. People were late to work, transportation methods were poor and people had to spend more time for travelling. However, fortunately the innovation of cars have unraveled those problems in numerous ways. Cars have facilitated the growth of global economy by opening up the 'Car industry'. Businesses flourished through the usage of cars and the improved transportation method. Furthermore, it also alleviated the percentage of unemployment rate because of the car industry. Moreover, more and more people are feeling safe and secured when travelling because of this new cutting-edge.

There have been many criticisms of this new machine. One of which is that it causes deleterious effects on the environment but it was at the inception of the innovation of cars. Scientists have engineered and come up with 'environmental-friendly' cars which not only helps the environment but also engenders positive effects on the environment. Therefore, to put a restraint on cars because of "environmental problem" is to create an environmental problem.

To conclude, Cars are blessings that should be encouraged by everyone and to repudiate this blessing is to repudiate the enviable for a better world and the 21st century that we are looking for.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Aug 24, 2015   #2
I would like to help you further with some paragraphs you have written.

2nd paragraph: This sentence you use however and fortunately but you only need one word. "Fortunately, the innovation of cars has unraveled those problems in numerous ways".

There is a missing word in the next sentence "...growth of the global economy..." I would also like to make a suggestion. You could use "expanding" rather than opening up the car industry.

The last sentence in the paragraph, I would like to give you a suggestion: "Moreover, more people were feeling safe and secure then traveling because of this new invention."

3rd paragraph: I think you need a good transition to help you begin the third sentence. Ex: "To solve the problem, scientists..."

I'm not sure what you mean by restraint on cars. Do you mean there was restraint on producing cars?

4th paragraph: The last sentence is confusing because of word order. The subject and verb should go in this order. "Everyone should be encouraged...". I'm unsure if you want to state that they need to be encouraged to drive a car because they are a blessing.

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