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More and more people are going to other countries for significant periods of time for a job or study

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Dec 26, 2020   #1
Topic: (sorry for this inconvenience,but the topic are too long for me to put at the heading)
These days, more and more people are going to other countries for significant periods of time, either to find a job or study.there are clearly many benefits to doing this, but people who live abroad can also face some difficulties.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying and working in a foreign country

Studying and working abroad are becoming more and more popular among people throughout the world. Indeed, the enormous benefits that this choice brings about are undeniable, however, Studying and working overseas still make people have to deal with frustrating and complicating problems. Now I will first consult about the pros

On the one hand, Moving to a developed country to learn and work helps talented people improve themselves easier. Generally, countries having a huge degradation in the economy or are not developed, the infrastructure like and education level there would not be able to respond to people's learning and working demand. For example, people learning science, will need modern facilities like the microscope or model rocket and people who teach them have to be fully-experienced, also specialized in a clear field ;Therefore, only by studying and working overseas in other developed countries ,can people find a new place to bring out the best in them.

On the other hand, differences in culture and language can cause considerable troubles. Coming to another country requires people to be a competent user in that language and able to adapt to the culture there. Consequently, with the case that people lack of possibility to communicate with the local people and also surrounding colleagues will cause unwanted misunderstanding and reducing the productivity of each individual.

In conclusion, Working and studying abroad make people feel free and easier to learn a wide range of knowledge. However it still has some disadvantages which we should consider carefully before having a go to learn and study in different places.

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Dec 30, 2020   #2
You are not supposed to use the prompt as the title for your essay anyway. Try to use a title reflective of the prompt instead. That is another exercise in similar word usage that you can benefit from. Come up with original titles to describe the topic and reason for the prompt discussion. You will find that it is a good way to build your English vocabulary and word usage skills.

In your restatement paragraph, you used a run-on sentence instead of individual sentences that would represent your own explanation of the prompt. Always separate your topic presentations, don't just use comparative reference words such as "however" to differentiate. That does not add to the clarity of your presentation and instead, divides the reader's understanding of the given statement. You do not have to reflect what your first discussion will be at the end. The thesis presentation should, instead, offer the 2 topics for discussion that you will be using in reference to the advantage and disadvantage paragraphs.

The run-on sentence presentation is a serious error in this essay. It happens in every paragraph. This will definitely pull down you GRA score at you do not really have a proper mix of simple and complex sentences. Do not confuse the complex sentence for a run-on. That is the common mistake that more students tend to make in these types of presentations.

There are also problems with punctuation mark usage and word capitalization in some parts of the essay. You should be more careful in the way that you structure your sentences, making sure to use the correct punctuation mark and capitalization as you go along. Always edit and proof-read, never assume that your first version is the correct version. There is always time for the improvement of your presentation for as long as the writing time has not run out.

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