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Sep 23, 2009   #1
Some people help their community directly while others help through national and international organizations. Discuss both ways and give your opinion.

Now a days, Helping other people are becoming viable and style and mod to popularity these days.Many Indian actors has started their own trust to help others to get popularity through media by paying for poor people with medical facilities and even some rich people are making hospitals for poor and needy people. They are helping them with money and even organising marriages for 100 poor couple .Some people help other by paying penny to beggars and spending some time in old age home by providing them food grains, rice and cereals and even helping old people while some people help indirectly through non profit organisation, by paying for one child education and expenses living in private children homes.In my opinion it is better to help poor people directly , so we can actually know that the amount we are spending on poor people should be use correctly, some time when we pay to big organisation,the money is not properly utilised or sometimes it is use in other purposes like advertising .

This essay is very short, although it does contain some good arguments. You will need, for a TOEFL or IELTS essay, to say more.

Also, you must fix your punctuation! You must place a space after every punctuation mark (except for leading quotation marks) as I have done here and in every note I have written you.

Now a days, Helping other people are becoming viable and style and mod to popularity these days.

"Nowadays" (note spelling) and "these days" mean the same thing; you should not use both in the same sentence. Furthermore, neither is needed here, since people have always helped others in their community. Finally, this sentence is nonsensical, even if grammatical corrections are made. "Are" should be "is," but "style and mod to popularity" makes no sense at all.
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