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People should go to a library if they want to find a real information.

ReskiRamadani88 43 / 57 5  
Nov 20, 2016   #1
Some people think it is waste of money to establish libraries since the public can use the Internet at home to obtain information, do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, technology and information were faster than before. Since invention of the internet people more chosen use it in the daily activities, especially in education. As the impact, they are looking for information at home and other argue that building libraries is waste of money. I totally disagree about that statement and believe that libraries are important to incline reader motivation to make a book or research.

Invention the internet in this modern era brings positive effect in developing of education. Because of that, many people have known some research from other countries however, just abstract or the result of research. Besides, human can read book everywhere and whenever they want. Unfortunately, there was also fake information that can find and usually when people open the internet there are porn video or picture. Based on research of Technology information department at Tokyo University found that 35 percent in the several webs there was incorrect data or information. Due to of the reason people should go to library if want to find the real information.

Establishing of library is the best way to make public get more motivation to read and like books. A journal from Singapore University explained that since 2013 motivation to read book have grown up 25 percent because there were new libraries with good facilities and biggest building. In contrast, at national University of Singapore around 30 percent student have made book since establish new library.

In conclusion, however the internet have helped people to get fast information but building libraries is good solution to get more information with reader books, without fake information. (267w).
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,635 3478  
Nov 20, 2016   #2
Reski, you need to do your best to paraphrase the prompt statement from the original. If you don't paraphrase the whole prompt, the reviewer will lower your score because you will have plagiarized the statement in your opening discussion. Try to explain the prompt in your own words as best as you can. Make it original because the reviewer will know if you paraphrased the prompt or not. Also, do not say "incline a reader". The term you are looking for here is inspire, e.g. ... inspire the readers...

Your second paragraph is trying to provide too much unrelated information to the reader. While your reasons are good, the fact that you did not take the time to properly explain your stand using these reasons and examples will further affect your final essay score. Make sure that you use coherent and cohesive examples in your discussion in order to increase your score rate.

In truth, you really did not accurately and effectively defend your stand on the matter. Since your score will be based upon individual assessment, maybe there is a chance that you can get a higher score in the other sections for review. When it comes to task accomplishment though, you are really unable to properly represent your prompt discussion.
SYDA 11 / 21 2  
Nov 20, 2016   #3
Raski, u need to paraphrase your prompt . one example for you , may be helpful for you.

These days, it is often argued that the establishment of libraries is wasting of money in modern age. Although some people think that obtaining information and knowledge is possible through the use of the internet at home. I agree that the internet has a significant influence on learning process, but I do not think spending on the libraries is a waste of money.

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