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People today are more likely to be selfish - their wish is just to fulfill their daily needs

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Nov 2, 2015   #1
People in the past used to be more dependent on one another, whereas nowadays they lead a more dependent life. Do you agree or disagree?

People are more likely to fulfill their daily needs. As such, while some believe that they were more dependent to others in bygone era due to limited facilities, I would argue that humans today witness a selfish lifestyle thanks to completed infrastructures and advanced technologies.

The countable equipments force people to look for others helps. This is because, if having not assistances from their friends, they do not have enough power for reaching their planned goals. For instance, A 2013 recent New York Times reveals that 80% inhabitants in United State argue that they cannot life without others contributions owing to limited capability. As a result, people's life extremely depends on one another. Therefore, few tools take a huge responsibility of a dependent life.

Apart from this, there are some reasons why people are being more selfish today. Firstly, there are a wide range of facilities yet. While human is provided by a lot of good infrastructures, they can fulfill their needs by themselves. Secondly, the sophisticated devices have created the better life's productivity. If such devices have caused people's life being more productive, inevitably people tend to use it rather than asking people's helps.

To conclude, even though mankind is prefer to ask others' assessments for survival in the preceding years due to limited tools, I totally believe that completed facilities and highly sophisticated technologies are the main factors why people are more likely to be selfish. Where possible, human should balance their dependent life between using facilities and asking other people's helps.

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