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People living in cities and towns in some areas

DanielDang 5 / 8  
Nov 15, 2022   #1

the growth of urban population

The given bar chart depicts the increase in proportion of people living in urban in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and the whole world in the year 1950, 2000 and gives prediction for the year 2030.

Overall, the growth of population in all given area rose dramatically from 1950 to 2000 and is expected to increase in 2030. In addition, the number of Caribbean's residents who stayed in the cities accounted for the highest percentage, while the figure for Africa was the lowest.

In 1950, there was more than 40% of population in Caribbean lived in metropolitan area, while the proportion of urban African and Asian was enormously low, at 11% and 14% respectively. By contrast, the figure for the whole world was 30%, slightly lower than Caribbean but far higher than other areas. After five decades, Caribbean experienced a significant increase in the number of urban citizens to 70% in 2000, compared to 48% of the whole world. It was also noticeable that the percentage of Africa and Asia inhabitants living in urban areas went up dramatically, at nearly 38% for each.

Over the next 30 years, four given areas are expected to continue the upward trend. Caribbean urban population is predicted to be the highest, with 80%, 20% higher than the figure for the whole world. Additionally, there are predictions of an increase in the number of Africa and Asia metropolitan residents, at 51% and 57% respectively.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Nov 15, 2022   #2
The writer continues to show a problem with developing individual thought presentations for his sentences. For some reason, he believes that writing run-on sentences and combined idea sentences will increase his overall score. That will do the exact opposite because the writing becomes confusing, difficult to follow, remember, and understand. There needs to be a target idea for every sentence. That means, compressing the information will not achieve the target C+C and GRA scores. Until he learns to use the sentence formats properly in every paragraph, the C+C and GRA problems will continue to lower his final score.

He does a good job of understanding the essay. I will praise him for that. The problem is in the way he transfers that information to his readers. He cannot expect to get a strong score based on the major scoring sections if he continues to use the incorrect sentence and paragraph formats for his reports. He may refer to the previous reviews I left in his prior essays to get a clearer idea of the continuing errors in his writing.
Nanya_26 1 / 2  
Nov 15, 2022   #3
I would recommend that you check your grammar. Some syntactic issues are interfering with the reading and I had to go back two and three times to clearly understand.

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