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More and more people no longer read newspaper or watch tv programs to get news. They get news about

nightrain 2 / 3  
Feb 28, 2023   #1

tv and newspaper as a source of news is becoming obsolete

It is true that more individuals access news from the internet instead of traditional channels. In my opinion, this trend has both positive and negative effects.

On the one hand, online media positively affects our society. Compared to conventional newspapers, journalists and editors can post information on their channels, such as Twitter, immediately; meanwhile, readers are capable of receiving updated news through a portable device without the time and space limits. Additionally, net-report can provide various contents. For example, family members may subscribe to several magazines from different companies a decade ago, but they can now access their preferred content through a small screen. Finally, the information delivered through the network can be easily stored and retrieved, reducing materials and transportation costs, like trees and fuels.

On the other hand, the negative influence of electronic media popularity should be alarming. The most significant one is authenticity. The text published by a traditional news provider is usually verified and revised by multiple editors. However, the internet is filled with unconfirmed and even wrong messages because everyone can draft and send subjective and lopsided comments, which can mislead other viewers. Furthermore, some reporters and internet celebrities prefer to post adverse and exaggerated events because this news is easier to spread and gain more traffic. The increasing exposure to insecure and violent incidents will intensify the public's sense of insecurity.

In conclusion, the popularity of online media has certainly benefited individuals, but not all of the outcomes of this trend have been positive.
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Mar 1, 2023   #2
An opinion essay that asks if you see an instance as a positive OR negative development asks you to make a single opinion decision. All task 2 essays that give you a decision choice, is a single topic essay. Only when asked to discuss both topics can a dual opinion explanation be used. Therefore, while you are offering an opinion in relation to the prompt, your actual response does not meet the opinion presentation guideline of the writing prompt. This is an incorrectly formatted response and will receive major scoring deductions in related areas as applicable. A more proper discussion approach should have been used in relation to your opinion presentation. You see, the prompt requires you to support a discussion side, one opinion supported by reasons that will prove your side to be correct. There is a specific format to be used for the single opinion comparison writing format.

not all of the outcomes of this trend have been positive.

This is your actual opinion that should have kicked off and closed your opening statements. So, the best discussion approach for this topic would have been to explain why a seemingly positive approach actually has a negative result. Thereby meeting an acceptable single opinion comparison format. Choose 2 positive opinions that you can prove to be a negative. That approach will strengthen the clarity of your opinion in the discussion paragraphs.
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Mar 1, 2023   #3
wow, thanks for your reply. if I rewrite the third paragraph's first sentence: even though the trend is good, but still has drawbacks. then give an explanation. and it will correspond to 'not all of.... been positive', right?

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