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People who have a lot of money are the happiest. Do you agree or disagree?

Maria158 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2020   #1

money can't guarantee happiness

In today's life, an increasing number of people are concerned about money. Nonetheless, whether or not money brings the happiness to human beings is a controversial issue. My view is that whoever has a lot of money is not always the happiest.

To begin with, people with a lot of money are often very stressed as having plenty of money can lead to the fear of losing it. It is clear that wealthy people often live in a house which has hi-tech security systems to keep out the rest of the world. They can also become snobbish about whom they meet due to the fear that people without money are potential thieves. After a while, the rich start to believe that the people around them are only after one thing: having a share in their money. This makes rich people distrustful even to good and loyal people who are their genuine friends. These people do not have happy lives.

Secondly, to get richer, some people are willing to do bad things. To have more money, they sell sub-standard products regardless of the law of the government. Furthermore, they use plenty of chemicals in agriculture to increase production no matter whether it has a serious impact on the environment. Nevertheless, with these people they have a lot of money, they are not the happiest of people because they are going to see the bad results to the environment from what they did soon.

Last but not least, buying everything cannot make someone happy. Although money is required to buy anything in this world such as luxury cars and modern homes, money has never bought their family's relationship, true friendship and love. Being rich can make them isolated in their big home, hence, they might not find true relationships to share their life. These people always live with anxiety; thus, they are not happy.

In conclusion, even though having some money is significant, in my view, I repeat that people with a lot of money might not be the happiest because their lives are more stressful, they are insecure and isolated; therefore, to have a happy life, we do not need to have plenty of money, we need to have family and true friends to share joy and sorrow.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,590 2493  
Jan 12, 2020   #2
Try not to write more than 300 words for this essay. You will run out of time to proof read and edit your essay before submission. You time to make sure that you submit a perfect essay to the examiner. This is a direct question essay, do you agree or disagree? In the introduction, your last sentence should be a direct response to the question. You should say "I disagree with the given idea because..." That lays the foundation for the rest of the discussion of your essay which should be comprised of 2 supporting paragraphs. However, what you wrote are not reasons why these people would be unhappy. Rather, you are making a judgement call based on perceived actions. You are not making a comparison of money making them happy, you are simply calling them criminals in one of your paragraphs. That is not the point of the essay. People with money believe that money can buy happiness. So do people who don't have money, in some cases. So who is to say that the people with lots of money are not happy? That should have been the discussion consideration of your essay, not the actions of the people with money. The discussion should have been based on your personal perception of what makes a person, or you, happy. This is after all, a personal opinion essay.
OP Maria158 1 / 1  
Jan 12, 2020   #3
Thanks for your feedback. It is very useful. I want to improve my writing skills. If you were examiner, could you please raise score for my essay? I really want to know exactly my level. Thank you so much.

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