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"Why people love watching action movies" Formal Essay

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Nov 10, 2009   #1
I am a student in remedial English that seriously need help on revising my paper. My grammar issue is off the charts and it would be generous of people to help correct it and perhaps improve on it. Thank you. BTW the prompt is "Write an essay in which you explain why audiences are attracted to a particular type of popular movie-adventure films, romances, science fiction, mysteries, or some other genre (do not choose horror). Consider these questions as you formulate your thesis: What space do these movies fill in the lives of their audience? What explains the success of these films? Be sure to illustrate each point with examples from specific movies from the genre you address."

Lights, Camera, Action!

As we sit in a movie theater for an action film, our eyes are dazzled and mesmerized by the the explosions, car chases, fist fights, and weapons of destruction that are presented. Action movies, as the name implies is filled with action, spectacle, and enthusiasm. Audiences tend to sit on the edge of their seats when it comes to this genre. When we pay our ten dollars to sit at the front row of a movie theater, we are looking forward to these thrills and excitements that it will give us. The excitement from these action movies is so electrifying, that we would not even be aware of our popcorn or soft drinks vanishing. What is different about action movies from other movie genres is that many distinct age group applaud it. Whether it is a youngster at ten years old, teenager, or an adult, action movies like The Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan, The Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rambo staring Sylvester Stallone bring entertainment to everybody with mind blowing action pact fun. Not only do these action movies bring spine-chilling action towards the audiences, they also help us navigate out of our colorless world and gives us a hero to idolize.

Excitement and thrill are probably the main reasons why we movie watchers adore action films. When we watch action films like Rambo, we are blown away from the explosiveness that Rambo gives to the audiences. It is just him alone with his huge rifle and bazooka taking on an army of Viet Cons. Rambo would demolish military vehicles, bridges, helicopters, and even military bases all by himself. Surely this is definitely not realistic, but it is what astonish us. Movie watchers are not paying for realism when it comes to action films, they are actually paying to get out of their average dull lives. Let's ask ourselves, what is the highest thrill that we can get from our gray lives? I would have to say that my greatest excitement that I can get in my daily life is speeding in my sports car or playing sports. These are exhilarating things to do, but they certainly are no match to Rambo's intensity of holding two machine guns and blasting at an army of Russians and Viet Cons.

Other then thrills and excitement that action movies bring to viewers, it also introduces us heroes that we can glorify. Action heroes such as Rambo and Jackie Chan create an iconic hero like Superman towards the audiences. When we watch Rambo movies, we root for Rambo to clobber the enemy communists and when we watch Jackie Chan movies, we applaud his martial art skills for showing justice upon a group of mobsters. Both of these action stars are respectably known for their ability to triumph over their adversaries, but it is not the only way they inspire people. For example, Jackie Chan might give inspiration to people to become martial art fighters like himself. In all of Jackie Chan's movies, he uses his talented fighting techniques to smash and bruise a gang of triads which is why viewers praise this action star. Not only does Jackie Chan captivate his audiences with high kicking fast punching moves, but also his ability to hop over walls or leap roof tops. Rambo on the other hand, is not known for his close quarter combats, but rather with his rock hard attitude to lay his life on the line for his country by pulverizing every communist soldier in his way. Rambo is not only an American Icon but also a hero. We cheer for Rambo when he is being torture by the communists and clap our hands when he is exterminating the Viet Cons and Russians. Whether it is his ability to snap communist necks, blow up vehicles, or demolish helicopters, we movie watchers pay him tribute for being such an adamantine hero. Basically, both Jackie Chan and Rambo are some of the heroes from action movie that audience adore. They simply are "man against the world".

Although there have been many movie analysis criticizing action movies lately, we still love action films because of its simple theme and struggles that are presented to the audiences. Movie critiques bash on action films for their mediocre storyline and most of all, the cheesy dialogues. Usually when we watch action movies, there tend to be lots of marvelous stunts and less quality scripts. For example, in the movie Terminator 2, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous line is "I'll be back". This is clearly a cheesy line but this cheesy line is part of the image of the Terminator. The killing machine wears black leather jacket, black leather pants, and to top it all, the famous dark sunglasses that he wears. This picture of the Terminator is basically what makes audiences applaud him rather then rooting for the T-1000, a liquid morphing killing machine that portrays a cop. So instead of just thinking about the cheesy line "I'll be back", picture it with the Terminator saying it with a business like tone. This illustration of the killing machine overshadows the so call cheesy line and it is why, movie lovers come back for more. Aside from the negative opinions about action films, there are also positive values that this genre could bring to the people. For example, most action movies are apt to a simple subject matter and conflict which allows all audiences to comprehend the movie. The universal theme of good vs evil is painted through out all action films while the mysterious gray shaded areas are never portrayed. This allow viewers to easily understand the movie and focus more on the spectacles of explosions and fist fights, after all it is an action movie we are paying for. Basically action movies have no enigma, no confusion, just simplicity and action pact fun for all audiences to enjoy.

Action movies are full filling to many movie watchers because it supplies audiences with electrifying excitement, presents us a hero to look up to, and its easy to comprehend by all viewers. When we movie watchers pay ten dollars to see an action pact movie, our expectation is the same as going on a roller coaster ride. It is that rush of sudden adrenaline that we are looking forward to experiencing. When we go through loops on a roller coaster, we are feeling that quick burst of energy which can relate to the thrills that we obtain from watching explosions, neck breaking, and car chasing scenes from action films. Action movies likewise to roller coaster paints that color in our lives so that we aren't constantly living with boredom. Other then acting as a stimulator, action films introduces us heroes such as Jackie Chan and Rambo. These heroes are what makes viewers keep returning to the big movie screen to watch action movies. Also, they are always portrayed as the good guys versus the bad guys, and it's great to see justice is being served to criminals and villains. So whether it is Rambo causing havoc upon enemies, Jackie Chan using his fist of fury, or Terminator battling another killing machine, these are what people are anticipating when they are in their seat at an action movie premiere.
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Nov 11, 2009   #2
Action movies, as the name implies, are filled with action, spectacle, and enthusiasm. Audiences tend to sit on the edges of their seats when...

Other than thrills and excitement that action movies bring to viewers, it also introduces us heroes that we can glorify.

You should probably write: In addition to providing thrills and excitement, action movies also introduces us to heroes that we can glorify.

When we movie watchers pay ten dollars to see an action-packed movie, our expectation is the same as it would be if we were going on a roller coaster ride.

Not as bad as you think!! Lots of people have more errors than that.
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Nov 15, 2009   #3
"Action movies are full filling to many movie watchers because it supplies audiences with electrifying excitement, presents us a hero to look up to, and its easy to comprehend by all viewers"

I believe that is one word. I think it should be spelled "fulfilling". Other than that I think everthing is covered. I liked how descriptove you were, by the way.

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