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Many people are of the opinion that oral speeches overpower its paper counterpart - IELTS 2

tuanhoa010203 3 / 3  
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Spoken communication is more always powerful than written communication.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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From the beginning of mankind, communication has been largely developed into two major sectors namely spoken and written. Many people are of the opinion that oral speeches overpower its paper counterpart all the time. From my perspective, while I agree spoken conversations have overwhelming advantages over written forms, I doubt if they do in all circumstances.

On the one hand, oral conversations truly prove to have more power in most scenarios. Firstly, daily communication takes place in almost any place any time because of its rapid delivery of messages followed by prompt response from others. For instance, it is crucial for most lectures to be vocally conducted in class whereas books are to be patiently read at home for preparation or post-class assignments. Secondly, by speaking out the messages, people can make use of the generous assistance of their voice. This includes the tones which help convey the speakers' emotions and the stresses which aid in emphasis of signigicant points.

On the other hand, though less dominant, there are certain cases in which written forms cannot be replaced. Regarding scientific researches, laborious experiments and meticulous observations need to be made in order for valuable findings and breakthroughs to be discovered. Thus, since these assets are too important to be stored as recordings or videos, paper and books serve as a better preservation. Furthermore, insightful books that embrace seas of knowledge and skills necessarily require much time from readers to keep track and apply piece by piece in their life. Not a single audio book version can overrule such uses of a traditional skill book.

In conclusion, oral language appears to be more powerful due to its supreme regularity and immediate effects from the voice. However, this is not always the case as written language communicates better in some other circumstances such as significant academic studies and skill-teaching materials.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,709 3055  
8 hrs ago   #2
Stop adding information to your essay that is not found in the original presentation. You are scored on the accuracy of your restatement. Adding exaggerations such as , From the beginning of mankind" will not help you increase your score. Your number of sentences in the paraphrase will only depend on the number of topics to be restated. So do not go beyond:

- The original topic
- The reason
- Your response

Those 3 sentences will be more than enough, when properly written, to increase your TA score from the very start. Exaggerations and additional information that you made up are not required.

As this is an extent essay, you should not confuse it with a comparative discussion. The extent of your explanation should only cover 2 reasons that will convince the review of your point of view. You did a good job of creatively indicating an extent response with a topic outline. However, using the comparative discussion in the reasoning sentence removed the strength of your opinion. You need to focus on defending only your single point of view in the presentation. No more, no less. Word count deductions will be given for the paragraph that does not support the given opinion. Therefore, your essay will fall under the minimum word count and result in a lower than expected, possibly failing score for your essay.

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