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people with original ideas are of much greater respect than followers?

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Feb 23, 2011   #1
People who have original ideas are of much greater value to society than those who are simply able to copy the ideas of others well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Ideas are raw materials from which great inventions came out into society and change the world. Some people believe that only people giving birth to first ideas deserve greater respect and acknowledgement of society while others claim that people should be respect equally no matter who people are pioneers or followers. My essay will analyze both views' value.

Firstly, advocates of the idea that innovators are the most admired people believe these people have sacrificed the biggest time, effort and money to realize their lofty dreams. A stark example is Galileo who was against theology and conservative viewpoints of Church in effort to protect the undeniable fact that the Earth revolves the Sun. Nonetheless, first ideas are not always feasible and sometimes mere theory like crude pearls. It is thanks to followers' creation and intelligence that these ideas come true, and even they are brave people who popularize valuable items to all citizens, especially the poor, while pioneers or companies possess exclusive right to their ideas are ready to sell their products at exorbitant prices due to profit. Therefore, while innovators deserve respect because of their revolutionary ideas, followers also play no less important role in inheriting and developing original ones.

The second is proponents believe people with first initiatives built the foundation of a society with no less creative ideas given birth and became the teachers inspired to next generations. It is undeniable that everyone owns desires burst into flames that one day in the future we join in the army of initial soldiers. The first existence of technological inventions in Silicon Valley became a gunshot triggering a series of relentless competitions among big corporations with hope for being voted as the father of one item. Opponents have their points when they prove that not all first ideas are real first. For example, Thomas Edison's light bulb invention, in fact, is the result of series of predecessor physicists' achievements. Objectively, the human's development is a process of endless evolution in which the line between the first and the final seems to not exist. The effort to distinguish this is as difficult as the attempt to find out the answer to the chicken and egg question. Moreover, when referring to the countries like China, Japan which are known as great copy-cats, we can't low assess the role of followers. These nations have become the economic leading states and bring tremendous benefit to our world although industrial revolutions were not begun there. For above reasons, pioneers and followers are regarded equally as people who establish foundation and inspiration for society's development.

To conclude, both pioneers and followers deserve equal appreciation. While pioneers with their great sacrifice bring new ideas to the world, followers with no less effort enable us to gain highest benefit from these ideas.

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