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People prefer to access information by harnessing computer technology rather than visit libraries

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Feb 22, 2016   #1
Maintaining public libraries is a waste money since computer technology can replace their functions. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, technology has changed the way people life, especially the method of reading book. Most people prefer to access information of knowledge by harnessing computer technology rather than visiting libraries for some reasons. In my opinion, I have positive and negative side of the statement.

To begin, advanced technology always offers the easy way to fulfill the people's necessity in enlarging their intelligence. That is why people choose computer technology as the tool to get news about everything. To illustrate, in many public libraries located in my state, the number of visitor decrease significantly because they are more interested in reading book by connecting to computer. Computer can provide many kinds of knowledge in short time, started from the oldest report until the newest one, so people are still able to keep up to date whilst the library sometimes cannot supply the complete one. Consequently, spending the expenditure in order to improve the condition of libraries is worthless.

However, there is crucial reason why libraries should be maintained as the best place for citizen to get data because recently, many studies show that looking at the screen of computer in long time can make people own the serious illness, such as eyes disease. The evidence of this can be seen with many teenagers now have worn glasses in their young aged because of disturbance in their eyes as a result of reading news in computer. Therefore, it is important for spending money to arrange public libraries to attract people in reading book, so people can leave their addiction of consuming the knowledge from computer which will give dire effect for their eyes.

To sum up, although computer give the easy way to access the information, people need to consider the effect of it if people give more concern about it because staying in front of computer in order to read the news for great number of time can give drawback for people's life.

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