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Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be?

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Jun 3, 2022   #1
Hi everyone, I am practicing my ielts writing skills and i will be grateful if receiving your all helps. Thank you so much!!!

Topic: Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries?

In recent years, along with the development of science and technology, an increasing number of qualified movies have been produced in the film industry, providing a host of choices for audiences. They have a tendency to watch overseas movies instead of their home ones. This essay will outline a number of reasons for this trend and a number of possible solutions for governments to help tackle the issue.

For a variety of reasons, many viewers pay more attention to foreign films than locally produced ones. Firstly, it is often noticed that international films are created with higher technological quality. For example, in some blockbusters Batman and Aquaman, people can immerse in spectacular scenes with sophisticated digital effects, which can not be seen in local films of developing countries. Another rationale behind this problem could be that foreign big-budget films often appeal to megastars in the biggest movie markets like Hollywood and Bollywood, therefore, grab the great attention of audiences. Meanwhile, actors and actresses in the developing world may lack professional acting skills and also often unpopular names, as a result, they may not be embraced by movie lovers/nerds.

In order to address the problem, some possible measures should be taken by governments. To begin with, more financial budgets should be allocated to talented amateur filmmakers for enhancing technical effects. Therefore, these local directors can turn their creative ideas into movies and shoot professional plots, finally, earn an enormous amount of money and fame for their country. For example, Korea is a typical example for the success in spreading its nation's image throughout famous movies like the Kingdom and Squid Game. In fact, this success is made by the efforts of the Korean government in patronising the national industry films for many years, which helps Korean movies reach out to all over the world. Secondly, governments can play a role as a mediator to give chances for domestic actors to cooperate with international stars. This will be a great opportunity to improve acting skills for local actors because they can learn experience from popular overseas veterans in the film fields and apply them in their domestically produced films.

In conclusion, there are main contributors to the problem including spectacular visual and sound effects used in foreign films and celebrities participating in them, so several measures like more money investment and collaboration with famous actors are suggested to put an end to the situation.
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Jun 3, 2022   #2
The topic paraphrasing is off-base. The writer's interpretation of the original topic does not reflect the correct meaning and considerations. He has altered the topic requirement and did not establish his opinions for the questions presented since he chose notto answer the questions, opting to just restate the questions in statement form instead. It is already obvious to the examiner that the author does not know what he is doing and could fail the test.This error was caused by the unrelated run-on topic discussed in the first sentence. It altered the discussion basis. A straightforward restatement was required without additional information at the start. That reference could have been more beneficial as a part of the opinion presentation.

The writer will not get a good GRA score since he uses run - on sentences, commas, and periods only, he shows an inability to properly structure simple ' complex, and compound sentences. He should improve his sentence development and presentation skills to geta better score in this section.

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