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People often receive advice to "follow your dreams", more emphasis should be placed on picking goal.

Junisha111p 11 / 21 4  
Jul 7, 2015   #1
Claim: Even though young people often receive the advice to "follow your dreams," more emphasis should be placed on picking worthy goals.

Reason: Many people's dreams are inherently selfish.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim AND the reason on which that claim is based.

"Magic of thinking big" this proposed line is absolutely true in reference of achieving big. Thinking is always leads to a goal which motivates to

dream big and achieve big, and people to follow their dream. In the proposed line, writers indicate that one must choose a worthy goal. I do not completely agree with the mention point due to following reasons.

First, for a person, picking a goal is somewhat depends on his circumstances, his social group and media. People always thing about the society where they live, and their surrounding drives them to do better. Suppose a person, who is living in the jungle, is not aware of the society then

also he will think about his jungle society. He may think that today he have to fight with tiger, may be about becoming the king of jungle.

People, who are not very intelligent, learn from the society and set their goal, no matter, they are genuine to goal or not. for instance, Shakira, a

famous pop singer, her music teacher has suggest him that she would not become a singer, but now she is made is possible. According to society, she has not selected a worthy goal, but she had believe in his goal and she achieve it.

Similarly, Some people, after dreaming big, start thinking that their situation would not allow them to achieve their dream, but it is true that
always people, who has follows their dream gets succeed. for instance, Thomos A Edition, inventor of electric bulb, had dream that something would illuminate with electricity, but people start giving him adverse situation by saying that it is impossible. He tried thousand of experiment and finally achieved what he has ever dream of.

Furthermore, if someone has limit himself that he is not worthy of certain dream then it only means that he has limited his power because

everything is possible, if someone believe in that. Setting a high goal always lead to big results. If today, our scientist would not have dream that

people can talk each other if they are thousand of miles away, then it would not have been possible ever. For Wrights brothers, it was almost enigma for them to think about human flying, but they believe in themselves a worthy of dream and made it possible.

In the Aforementioned reason, dreams are always make man worthy. Their are enough potential in every human being that he can achieve their
dream in any circumstances. It is also clear that people who has rejected for their work, they had achieve highest in that. so, dreaming big and setting big goal always make man worthy of that.

EF_Carol - / 145 39  
Jul 8, 2015   #2
Your essay is very thoughtful and interesting. You stuck to the classes five paragraph form. You r intro

due to the following reasons...

Is slightly short. You should include the ideas which follow, in brief, in your intro.

who is living in the jungle..

This is a good example of misguided dreams, and it kinds humor to the essay. People can be deluded because of circumstances.

Then you give persons from history in a well done example of dreaming big working out well.

I think you make your point, but you need attention to word choice and grammar. Your conclusion should reiterate your body paragraph ideas.

If you follow my ideas you can strengthen your essay. Just include the main ideas in your intro and conclusion, and pay more attention to your vocabulary.

Good job!

ef _carol

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