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Many people recommend that we should use more public transports for our sake. Do u agree or disagree

imbiinn 1 / -  
Mar 30, 2020   #1

Encouragement of public transport usage

As you see, people today tend to own private vehicles. On the other hand, there are also many people recommending that we should use public transport for our sake. For me, I agree with this saying because of the benefits that public vehicle brings us.

For one thing, it contributes to preserve environment. The use of more public transports helps to reduce significantly a large amount of CO2 emissions from burning the petrol of many cars or motorbikes. Thus, we can allay the risks of global warming caused by CO2 footprint. It proves that the use of public transports are more eco- friendly to save our environment

Next, it helps us save our money. In fact, when travelling by public vehicles like: bus, subway, the ticket is much cheaper than the price of petrol you have to pay to fill the car up with it. It means public transport is more economical for us, especially students. In addition, the more people use public transport, the less traffic congestion occurs in rush hours.

Furthermore, thanks to it, we can manage time effectively. For people with individual vehicles, they are often more comfortable in arranging time, which leads to work delays. In contrast, public transport's time is defined , requiring you to be on time. So, remembering exactly time to catch the bus will help you control the time to avoid being late at work.

In summary, these above are the advantages of public transport which show why I support that recommendation. Hence, we should use them as regularly as possible for not only our sake but also our environment.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,397 4385  
Mar 30, 2020   #2
As a task 2 essay, I would have to caution you against writing less than the minimum word count. You only wrote 242 words, which means the appropriate score deductions will be made based on the missing 8 words. It is never a good idea to write less than the word count but, don't overwrite either. The ideal word presentation is between 275-290 words. That would be more or less 20-25 lines of words. That is the perfect presentation for the 40 minute task. The problem is, without the original prompt requirement, and several prompts that could relate to this task, I cannot review your paper for prompt adherence. So I will just review what I can of your work, without focusing on the scoring rubic requirements.

Transports is the act of moving an item from one point to another. Transport though, refers to the type of vehicle a person uses to get around. In this case, you should have said "public transport" and then used "is" instead of "are" in relation to the subject verb agreement rules. You do not need to use a colon when referring to your listing of transportation types. So it should be "... like bus, subway..." There is also an improper adverb format in the presentation: reduce significantly. It should have been presented as "significantly reduce".

There are several other grammar errors in the essay but I believe these are the more important errors that should be focused on. I hope that you can post the prompt with the next essay so that I can give you a more significant review of your work. It is difficult to offer relevant advice without the discussion guideline to base my review on.

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