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People should share domestic responsibilities - "equality depends on esteem"

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Men and women should share domestic responsibilities

The 21st century is the century of modern, dynamic lifestyle that is associated with globalisation and sharing opinions. However, there is a large group of people who tends to e.g. traditional fashion but also to traditional and not always good ideas. One of them is an attitude towards domestic chores that realizes them as clearly woman business. But modern society requires change including the equality in sharing chores among men and women.

Firstly, equality depends on esteem. Domestic chores are not taken as the real job even though they demand the comparable amount of skills and time than any other employment. Nevertheless, a lot of men look at the household chores as at completely woman activity and take for granted everything from the washed dinnerware to cleaned windows. According to a study of Oxford University from 2011, if current trends of men ignorance continue, women will probably have to wait until 2050 before men do equal share of the household chores and childcare.

On the other side, someone might argue that men's skills in household chores are belittled. It is important to understand that this emanates from the tradition that women have done the chores by themselves for a long time. And also as professor Beck noted in British Journal of Sociology, women are more punctilious in general.

Moreover, there has been an increase of single-parent families in last two decades. This fact leads to necessity adapt and manage the household by one person instead of two. It implies that both, men and women, are equally able to do things which were attributed to the other gender in the past.

In conclusion, taking into account mutual respect, learning from others and adaption to modern times, the opinion of the "woman" domestic chores should change to the "partnership" domestic chores.

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