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More and more people are spending money on their pets, despite other expenses

richard35568 6 / 14  
Oct 10, 2011   #1
Really appreciate that if you have time to correct my essay! Thx!

/More and more people are spending money on their pets, even though there can be other good ways to spend money./

Since people are chasing for the better living standard, increasing people intend to keep pets to color their lives. However, others believe that people shouldn't spend much money on their pets, as there exist better ways to spend this money. As to me, i doubt whether the aforementioned statement bears much analysis.

It's undeniable that pets have always been helpful friends to human beings from the very beginning. Pets like dogs, from the stone age to the modern era, consistently take the roles as shepherds, watchers or guides. Nowadays, their roles become more distinct and significant. For instance, Labradors can lead the way for blind people to a safer zone ;they accompany their hosts to increase the quality of life of the disabled. To illustrate further, dogs play an essential role in boosting the intelligence of children. According to statistics, toddlers who spend much time with their dogs appear to solve and tackle more difficult problems then those who don't. Children turn to be motivated and inspired after they share time playing with their lovely creatures. Hence, it's worthwhile to spend money on pets.

Also, raising pets is a life-time responsibility to their host. People can not dispose the pets like a recycled can when they become tired of fostering them once they buy or adopt the pets. When they are sick, it's also important to take them to hospitals. In that way, cost on pets is of necessity.

Admittedly, there are people thinking if those money is imposed on the poor instead of pets, the outcome will be more pleasing. High-sounding as the statement seems, what if we save the costs on luxuries, tobaccos or wines to redress the skint? I'm convinced that, compared to these meaningless and harmful ways, spending money on pets embodies a better way to spend the money.

In a nutshell, never will the money be less to spend on the pets since there are numerous ways to waste the money and pets do help people in dozens of aspects.

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