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People are starving, but money is spent on pets

tuanphong892009 1 / 2  
Nov 25, 2010   #1
Too much attention is paid to and so much money is spent on keeping pets, while people throughout the world are starving.
-discuss the argument for and against keeping pets
-to what extent do you agree?
Pets have been existing in human life for centuries. With the enhancement of people's cultural standard, people nowadays tend to keep pets for relaxing or other purposes. However, it emerges a question that should people spend their concentration and money on keeping pets of share them with those who are living in poverty all over the world? These points of view will be discussed in two following paragraphs

It is undeniable that keeping pets will benefit people very much. When it comes to some kinds of disease, pets like dog can be very valuable to some people who are suffering from deaf or mental disorder diseases. As a vivid illustration, dog can play a role as guider of disable people: alarming deaf people in some emergency situation. In addition, keeping pets is a mean of entertainment. In many Western countries, some people consider their pets as their sons or daughters. They find it very difficult to live without them.

On the other hand, many argue that rich people who afford to keep pets should share their money and concentration with poor ones. While many people can rest on their laurels or even live in a lap of luxury, other people are struggling with poverty. They even do not have enough food or pure water. Therefore, is it fair that many people are facing to the death while such animals called pets can still live, even in a very comfortable way?

All things considered, people have the right to raise pets. However, they should balance between their attention paid to pets and to starving people. In my opinion, it is worth remembering that people are always more precious than any creatures. So, people should not spend much money on raising pets
bennyburns - / 6  
Nov 25, 2010   #2
What are you writing this essay for? If it's a research paper, you need a thesis, supporting evidence, indirect and direct quotes, and sources. Even if it is not a research paper, some supporting evidence would be benificial. You make a lot of claims, it might be beneficial to add in some specific examples. A lot of your logic relies on the fact that your opinions are true. Prove it.
Benn_Myers 8 / 46  
Nov 25, 2010   #3
First off listen to bennyburns, he knows what he's talking about,claims are useless unless you can support them.
Additionally, you shouldn't spend a paragraph discussing the merits of the other-side. In a good argument paper you acknowledge the other side... and then prove why they're wrong. Spend less time being balanced and more time proving a point.

Finally, you have a weak conclusion. Arguments should rarely culminate in a "people can do this but they really shouldn't..." you should take a firmer stance, you shouldn't go way out there and talk about outlawing pets or anything, but perhaps stricter control on pet ownership, add campaigns encouraging people to refrain from it... ETC.

Its not a bad outline, but you need to flesh it out and come up with a real conclusion and argument.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13319 129  
Dec 5, 2010   #4
This is a great thread! Thanks, everyone.

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