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Should people always tell the truth? Or a lie is necessary sometimes? IELTS Essay

hieuak11cqt 1 / -  
Jul 19, 2015   #1
Is it always essential to tell the truth, or are there circumstances in which it is better to lie? Plan your response, and then write it in an essay. You should write at least 250 words.

This is my first complete essay because I just wrote paragraphs before. Therefore, it is perhaps not really good. I would really appreciate your honest and helpful comments on it. Thanks a lot!

It is clear that honesty is really an appreciated quality. Nevertheless, a major question to be considered is whether people should not lie at all. In my opinion, there are still situations in which telling truth is not a good selection.

To begin with, lies can be used in a very meaningful way when they keep people from pain and give them hope. A typical example is that doctors usually lie about serious diagnostic results to encourage their patients to fight diseases. In that case, lying gives the patients hope and helps them get better. Otherwise, they will become disappointed and give up. I do not think that somebody will accuse these doctors of breaking the moral principles when they lie to save people.

Furthermore, without doing harm to other people, telling lies can be very helpful because many facts are too difficult to accept. This is especially right for children. For instance, a little girl survives after an accident in which her father is killed. The answer seems to be clear for the question whether her mother should tell her the truth or she only lies that the father has to move to another place and will see her soon. The girl is not strong and mature enough to know the truth.

Some may argue that in any case, lying can become a bad habit when it is accepted, which may lead to serious consequences. The negative impact of lies on relationships is clearly harmful. However, if the purpose of lying is good, meaningful and the lies are harmless, it will become reasonable not to tell truth. For example, some historic lies helped to defeat Hitler and end the Second World War.

In conclusion, taking all above circumstances into account, I think that it is sometimes necessary to lie. The important thing is that we have to control ourselves not to overuse or misuse lies. They will be really helpful if we use them in the right way for good purpose.

lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Jul 19, 2015   #2
I will help to assist you. First, I think you are doing quite well with transition words (However, For example, etc). There maybe a few minor mistakes that I can help you with.

1st paragraph: The word "the" should be placed after telling. So it would read: "telling the truth". I think you should end the paragraph with, " selection to make".

2nd paragraph: This is a good paragraph because it is easy to understand. Also, the example is interesting. However, delete "the" before patients.

3rd paragraph: There is a good and appropriate use of commas. However, there is another minor correction you could make. Instead of stating "right for children" you could state "true for children". The sentence in which you discuss the mother telling her child about the accident is unclear. I think this sentence needs to be revised or corrected. Do you mean that the answer is clear that the mother should lie?

4th paragraph: Since you are using a series of words in this paragraph, you need another comma. Correct: "...is good, meaningful, and the lies..."

5th paragraph: Place "a" before good purpose.

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