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People tend to waste food in shops and restaurants. Why? What can be done to reduce this problem?

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Sep 15, 2020   #1

Nowadays people waste a lot of food that was bought from shops and restaurants.

Why do you think people waste food? What can be done to reduce the amount of food they throw away?

In recent years,the throw away culture of foods in shops and restaurants has become a hotly debated topic around the world.This essay will discuss the two main reasons that encouraged this wasteful notion and will then propose some remedies.

Passing through a long period of time,the habit of leaving some foods behind has become more prevalent than ever before where the primary purpose is to flaunt out their financial situations. Such actions could be ascribed to the past culture where there are plenty of fresh ingredients and so forming this unthoughtful habit that still remains until present time.

Furthermore,as I mentioned above,the quality of the products nowadays has changed a lot since the modern era began,which leading people to many discoveries that boost the effective of the methods of raising crops.Unfortunately,there are drawbacks such as vegetables and livestocks could not maintaining the original aroma.In other words,scientists nowadays intervene deeply into the development of raw ingredients which often seen in the case of genetically modified corns and meat.As a result,foods lost their value and not being well treated as before.

In order to tackle the problems of food wasting,the government should promulgate a law that charging excessive foods.By doing that,many remnants will be save and society could so far avoided this problem.Moreover,raising people's awareness of potential diseases on their left-overs is extremely necessary and could be held by means of telecommunications.

In conclusion,although it is true that foods are being grown faster and easier than ever before,still,food ordering should be strictly controlled by the authority.Going along with it is the telecom which holds an important responsibility in warning people about the capability of threads from the residues.Therefore,people could understand and mitigate the waste.
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Sep 15, 2020   #2
Where does it say in the original prompt that there is a debate about the topic? Examiners frown upon exam takers who exaggerate from the original prompt statement. That removes the validity, factual correctness, and proper informative ability of your presentation. Do not exaggerate and avoid creating information just to "spice up" the presentation. That will not help your score. Additionally, you have to provide single topic references for each question to create a fully developed prompt restatement. The original prompt will also indicate how many paragraphs you need to write for the essay. In this case, 1 restatement of the topic, one reason as to why people waste food, and one suggestion as to how to reduce food wastage. Add the conclusion / reverse paraphrase and you have a total of 4 paragraphs required. So you actually over discussed the essay in this case. Only the 2 point of view plus personal opinion instruction requires a 5 paragraph response.

You are too busy writing long sentences that do not deliver any information to the reader instead of writing reasoning based sentences that help move your essay forward. You have a tendency to simply write long sentences that do not have a clear purpose. You need to write a mix of simple and complex sentences that actually make sense to the reader, in short form rather than run-on form.

Your conclusion is confusing. What does telecom have to do with the discussion? It doesn't factor into the original prompt representation. Your conclusion does not represent a properly developed summary conclusion.

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